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A Little Observation


Well, I have been slowly watching the episodes on my Perfect Collection DVDs. I noticed something interesting while watching Episode 5: Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru. We see Jaken and Sesshomaru on their search for InuPapa's tomb, so he can get Tetsusaiga. They approach a tomb to check if it is the proper tomb and the black wolves surround Sesshomaru and attack. He slices and dices them into a million little shreds, Jaken does his test, and they leave. Here's the thing that made me go "wtf?" After that, we see Myoga riding one of the black wolves that escaped Sesshomaru's big whip attack. In the subtitled version (I'd have to watch it in English to see if he says the same thing), Myoga says "I wonder who that guy was" to himself. This scene is NOT in the manga, so don't go looking for it. I just found it highly odd that Myoga, with all the talk he's had about knowing InuPapa and working under him for years wouldn't know the name and appearance of InuPapa's eldest son. I don't know if it was a mistake so much on the anime producer's part, but it's something I noticed!

That is my odd observation for the day. That is all.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes
Tags: anime epsiode 5, myoga, observation, sesshomaru
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