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March Came In Like A Lion

I know I haven't been around the past few days. We had a blizzard here in my little rural Minnesotan town, and it killed the internet. We were holding out all hope until the cable company could come tomorrow, but when we finally could dig out the box behind the house that has the wires, we knocked all the ice off from them and the internet came back. Monday, the cable company will have to check that box and make sure this type of thing doesn't happen again. It's not the first time we've had a bit of trouble on account of the stupid box out back.

We had two feet of snow fall beginning on Thursday through early Saturday morning. It came with vicious winds that ranged from 20 to 40 mph. Let's just say that it was an old fashioned blizzard. I haven't seen one like that since 1997, when it seemed every weekend was a big blizzard. The snow is up to my waist in places. It was heavy and wet, so while we had scooped everything and the wind came up, not much could blow right back in and drift it shut again. I have discovered that while my car drives well when going forward, it does not so much going in reverse with snow. Almost two inches or so behind it and my car gets stuck. I managed to get it stuck twice in the driveway over the weekend. They don't make Buicks as heavy as they used to. Don't worry, I will have pictures of our snow when I get the film developed. We have a few great shots of the backyard.

It seems that I have missed out on everything that's happened over the weekend. Boy, you guys were busy. I did take the time with my internet out to organize my documents folder so each story is now in its own place instead of me hunting and pecking for which ever file I want. I've been meaning to do that for awhile, but just hadn't gotten to it. I also wrote another drabble for Week 88: Eyes at iy_fic contest, started another Games request, and have put in a good 700 words into Chapter 67 of Journey. Most of the time, otherwise, I was watching some TV and the like. It was not fun.

I did look at the Inuyasha Fanguild results, and I MUST say I am surprised beyond words. I am just stunned to have actually taken First place in the Miroku/Sango category for Journey. I cannot believe I took 44% of the vote. It just makes me so pleased to have people honor it so! The story certainly has those elements, but I have always thought of it more as a Inuyasha/Kagome pairing story. Thank-you to all those voted and those who thought it was worthy to get that award. I also saw that Journey took fourth place in the Best Serial category. Very close voting there indeed. Four votes separated me from tying for third. Thanks to everyone who voted! I know the Best of 2006 voting is now underway. That means Journey is in the Best Crossover of 2006 and Best Miroku/Sango 2006 voting. I wish everyone who has made it to that ballot luck! I am just astounded that I would make it!

It has also come to my attention that Journey has been nominated at the Feudal Association for Best In Character for Inuyasha. I am not sure who nominated it as I did not see the actual "post" but thank-you to who ever nominated it! It means so much to me! I shall post in another entry shortly all the new stories and eligible works I have for the Feudal Association/Upcoming Guild Quarter, so if you feel so inclined to nominate you'll have an easy reference list. I am just so glad people enjoy my work so much! Thank-you!

Other than that, I am enjoying the return of Minnesota Twins baseball on TV, at least the five games for Spring Training. There may be two feet of snow out there, but the boys of summer are on TV, so we're getting closer to those warm days. They certainly can't come fast enough, let me tell you! I will try to get more writing done today, as well as caught up on reviews, other live journals, and the like today. Gotta say, it's tough to be outta touch that long! I am a true LJ addict!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I'm sorry to hear about your blizzard... Ours is just finally melting. We missed the record for most consecutive days with snow on the ground by 2 days. And then it snowed again the next day. BTW, what kind of car do you have? Getting stuck is no fun.

And congrats on all the nominations! Your stories are obviously amazing ('cause I can't stop reading them) and I'm glad people are recognizing it. I'm a little leary of getting too involved in that arena yet, so I'll just wish you luck. My "The Killer Inside" got nominated for best AU a while back but I was kinda more like, "Cool! Well, now what?" Anyway, good luck.

How's the job hunting going? I hope your college can help. Being happy with your job is a rare and wonderful thing and I hope you can find that.

My car is a Buick Century. My Oldsmobile weighed much, much more than this car and would have probably barreled right back out of the drive way. The Buick? Not so much. Eventually we switched the vehicles with the van in the lower drive, my car in the upper, and the tiny Eagle Talon up by the side of the house. The van had no trouble plowing out of the drive way, filled with two tons of equipment.

Thanks for the congratulations. I'm still scratching my head over the Miroku/Sango win for Journey, though. I just don't know why my story where they're so much a sub plot at this point would win for that category. I'm glad I did, though! Now to see what gets nominated for next quarter and at the Feudal Association. I never really thought I'd get involved in these awards myself, but people started nominating and look where I ended up. You never know!

Well, I am going to see the college tomorrow. I WAS going to do this last week, but two snow storms in one week sort of put that on hold. The school called and canceled on me and rescheduled for tomorrow at 10 AM. I am hoping I'll be able to get some help for my resume AND inquire about an upcoming on-campus job fair. We shall see.

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