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A List of My Works For Quick Reference

Here is the list of work I have for nominating! Make sure you check both the Inuyasha Fanguild and Feudal Association's Policies on nominating, what is listed as eligible/ineligble, and most of all, have fun nominating!

The Journey to the City of Endless Night

When Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru and Rin find themselves in an odd valley can they find a way to work together? What does Naraku have to do with it? Just who have they found themselves amongst? Can they get back home?
NC-17, MA, X
Crossover; Crossed with David Eddings's The Belgaraid/Malloreon series.

Ineligible for Best Crossover at the Inuyasha Fanguild. Ineligible at the Feudal Association for the next two award periods.

    Nominated for Best Serial and Best Drama, and Best Inu/Kag at IYFG

    Last updated on: July 27, 2007

Songs of Faith and Devotion
     Shake the Disease

Love expresses itself in many ways. It's not always expected, and it can't always be controlled. Sometimes all that's needed is a little faith and devotion.

A collection of one-shots featuring Sesshomaru and Rin set to Depeche Mode. Ratings will vary and go up as needed.
Song fic
    Shake the Disease Summary: 
Sesshomaru waits for Rin and Jaken to return from their trip to a village to replenish supplies. Already disturbed by the distance growing between him and the young woman, he becomes alarmed when he hears about a young man's intentions towards Rin. As they resume their travels, Sesshomaru finds himself unable to voice his concerns. He mulls over why the young woman has distanced herself from him. Just what is the real reason why Rin won't talk to him directly?
PG-13, T

Ineligible for Best Songfic/Poem at the IYFG due to taking First Place in the First Quarter 2007.

    Ineligible for IYFG due to being too old.

    Last Updated on: February 21, 2007

   Far Away Eyes Drabbles
    The Goodbye Koga Really Wanted
    Inuyasha's Revenge
    The Unwanted Gift that Gave Back
    Getting What He Wants
    Just Rub His Ears. He'll Kiss You For It
    Now Wasn't That Fun
    Goodbye, MuttFace
    The Demon's True Heart
    A Quickie Before Dinner
    What He Found In Her Eyes
    Shippo's Cruel Amusement
    A Quickie Before Dinner
    What He Found In Her Eyes
    An Heir of a Different Kind
    One True Companion
    The Lord of the Fools
    Me, I'm Not
    The Forgotten Lullabye
    The Hanyou's New Favorite Pastime
    Devotion Unending
    Honey Moon
    Power Play
    The Colorful Thank-You
    The Beginning of the End
    The Best Gifts Are Simple Ones
    Sensitive to the Touch
    A Confession Over Sake
    The Day the World Went Away
    Never Try to Negotiate with a Dragon
    Colorful Memorialization
    Coming of Age
    Patience is NOT One of Inuyasha's Virtues
    Teething Is a Scream
    A Question of Trust
    There Can Be No Winter Without Summer
    The Great Deceiver
    New Resolve
    The Sword of Memories
    The Missed Signs
    To Chain the Free Wind
    Making Her Happy Makes Him Happy
    Rekindling Her Inner Fire
    Red Obsession
    The Best Mode of Transportation
    Their Common Ground
    Disturb the Silence
    Arousing the Spirit
    The Most Difficult Lesson
A collection of short drabbles.
Ranging from G to NC-17/X
Drabbles, Vignette, Flash Fiction

When nominating from this collection, nominate each drabble separately.

    All drabbles, starting with "Lord of the Fools," are eligible for nomination at the IYFG for the Second Quarter 2007. Everything from "The Goodbye Koga Really Wanted" through "There Can Be No Winter Without Summer" is no longer eligible as they are too old. All drabbles starting with "Evermore" on, are eligible.

    Last Updated on: September 12, 2007

The Games We Play
    The Lord's Secret Lover?
    Sesshomaru Loses Count
    How to Spice Up a Visit to the Hot Springs
    Dog Demons DO Love Peanut Butter! Who Knew?
A series of Sess/Rin one-shots M/F
PWP, Lemon, Hentai
When nominating from this collection, nominate each one shot separately.

   "The Lord's Secret Lover," and "Sesshomaru Loses Count," and "How to Spice Up a Visit to the Hotsprings" are all too old and thus not eligible for nomination. "Dog Demons DO Love Peanut Butter! Who Knew?" will be eligible for Second Quarter 2007 at the IYFG.

    Last Updated on: May 16, 2007

    Ineligible due to age

Child of the Moon

    Note: Not eligible for either the IYFG or Feudal Association. Do not attempt to nominate at all.
Last Updated on: August 18, 2006

Keep this post in mind and check back when I update it for nominations that have come in. Thank-you to ALL who nominate my work! It means a lot.
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