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Well, I have started my career job search

I visited my career services today. While I haven't actually applied to any jobs as of yet, I'm getting the ball rolling on where I want to go and what I want to do to get the kind of job I would like to have. I'm excited and scared all at the same time because I'm not entirely sure where I will end up or what will happen.

We reworked my resume and I have to go through and tinker with it some more to make it even better and take that portion of the search from there. I like the new way we started to put it together and everything, and hopefully when I DO start to send it out to various people, I can perhaps get more notice.

I also will start to really network my old professors and see if I can get a hold of them to see what types of ideas they might have for jobs and options to check into. It'd be good to have something to do with my degree instead of doing menial labor.

The option of an internship was thrown out onto the table, but I am not sure how I could ever pull one off since most are unpaid. I would love to have the experience one would provide, but I don't know if I could afford it or if it demanded my relocation if I could feasibly live on my own with no income at all. I guess I'll have to ask my professors about what they think/know about some of these possibilities.

And then there is the option of freelancing. I have decided tomorrow I will do a few more things to do the job search, such as looking on the internet for online publications that will accept people to do articles and the like. They might not always have the type of thing I'm overly excited about writing about, but through college I didn't always write what I wanted to! Besides, I do have all my own personal fiction projects to work on as well to fill in that gap. It's too bad one can't use fanfiction for a portfolio!

Speaking of fanfiction, my next thing to focus on there is Journey. I am going to sit down with my notebook and twist Sango's arm behind her back if that's what it takes to get ANYTHING on the page to work with and refine. I already tossed out the starting version I had in the first place and rewrote it. I do like it a lot more. I also will make a plotline of upcoming chapters so I have an idea what I want to do/go. Other than that, I'll be dabbling in drabbles and maybe a few more "Games" requests as I see fit.

For original writing, I may go through what I already have written and received feedback on and retool/edit to get more feedback on. I also may play with a few of the other ideas I've jotted down and see what I can do with them to build up my portfolio for the job search as well. Exciting, eh?

That's about all I've got so far. I'm going to rest and work on my next Journey chapter. I have an early day tomorrow (3 AM to be exact), so I don't have as much time to twiddle my thumbs as usual.

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I'm glad you finally got in there! Good luck to you and I hope the networking pays off. Sometimes who you know makes all the difference in the world.

That's something I've noticed, yes! I am hoping that I can get something that will at least be a great starting point to getting a great job in my field. Anything that uses what I spent so much time studying would be great!

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