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What Far Away Eyes Is Doing On Her Sunday
Depeche Sess

Well, I went and did it, even though I probably shouldn't have! I went ahead and bought Inuyasha Perfect Collection 3, Volume 26 of the manga, and the second volume of Ranma today. (In my defense, Ranma has been on back order the past month up through volume 5, so when I saw a chance to actually BUY, I did). I know I shouldn't when I need to save money for various things, but that's all I'm buying this month. (I promise! For REAL this time!). It'll be nice to have another Ranma volume for my bedtime reading routine, too. I finished the first volume and pouted because I couldn't continue on anymore. But when I get my new manga, I can! YAY.

I have been resting since yesterday. I only think it's fair as I was up from 3 AM until midnight with one short hour long nap in the afternoon. That doesn't mean I wasn't productive by any means, however. I have the next seven chapters of Journey sketched out (including the one I'm currently writing), the second song for "Songs of Faith and Devotion" picked out (It's Halo if you're interested), a drabble in mind for week 89, and a couple ideas floating about for the "Games" series. I'll be making various notes on everything while working on the chapter for Journey. My beta would be terribly upset with me if I didn't put that first on the writing docket! Thus far it's not going too badly, either.  And, if I can find time and energy, I might actually edit a couple of my original pieces. We shall see.

While I'm talking about my stories, I'd like to thank quirkyslayer for nominating "Songs of Faith and Devotion" for Best Angst at the Feudal Association. "Journey" has also been nominated for Best Characterization for Inuyasha. I still would like to know WHO nominated it for that, as the post that contains that information is not there. I just want to know! I won't bite you if you did. I'm happy! If you would like to know what else I have eligible, check this post for more information. It has everything you need to know.

I am also going to spend time this week on my resume, putting it in the new format and seeing what that looks like. I will be able to email it to the career services people and they'll work with me that way, so I don't necessarily HAVE to go in and make an appointment every time. I will also be contacting a few more professors and what have you to see what prospects they might know about. I am feeling a little more confident in my job search after talking to the career services. It's a long ways from really being truly underway, but I am hoping I'll at least have an opportunity to FIND something that will be a bit more suited for me. One can hope, right?

Well, that's about all for now. I better get going so I can work on all those things, right?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Good luck on both the job and the FA Vote!! Crosses fingers!! (I'm making awards for Fics this time around as well!) Hopefully the new future job will be much better for you and a pleasure as well!! Have a great weekend!!

Squeals with pleasure!! You got vol 2!! Yay!! and vol 26 of Inu!! Races around happily!!

Which categories are you making awards for? I'm sure who ever wins the ones you make, they'll love 'em.

And yes, more Inu and more Ranma. I am three volumes away from having all the US manga for Inu. Yay.

Best Lemon, Best Inu/Kag Romance and Best Romance Other (Meaning a Sess/Rin sketch!!) - same catergories for Art.

good luck in the voting! I have yet to sit down and make my nomination list. that was on the list of things to do this weekend, but I got caught up in the oneshot. I need to go through the not eligible list first, and go from there.

And of course I can't wait for you to get done with this next chapter. I always look forward to seeing what comes next.

good luck with that job search, too. Hopefully, you'll have better luck this time. It helps is someone knows someone that can help give you a leg up.

I think everything I have posted, save Child of the Moon, is eligible. I don't know when things had to be posted for qualification in the Guild. So, I'm not entirely sure if Journey is or not. I don't know what I'll nominate just yet. We'll see.

I am very excited about this chapter and the next six or so that I have POVs picked out for. It's gonna be a bit crazy during this next arc in the story, but I think it'll be fun and a bit exciting, too. My beta is really excited about it.

Thanks for the luck. I really need it. I certainly can't hope this job I have right now to be a longterm thing. That's why I'll be playing around with the ol' resume and what not. I'd like to do something with myself besides fold stupid clothes.

For the IYFG next round, it would be posted between Jan 1 and March 31st. YOu have time yet...

I do hope you get some leads for a job in your field. I guess the one good thing about the job you have now is that you have time to work on getting another one.

Alright, Journey's in, then. The last chapter was posted on the 13th of January. I just wasn't sure what the dates were on posting. With my beta gone for a month, I doubt I'll be posting before the 31st of March!

I thought you had posted since Christmas, but couldn't remember. And good luck in the year end voting!

Yeah. The last chapter was the Rin-centric chapter with her aftermath of meeting Koga.

Thanks. I don't know if I'll win either category, but we shall see!

Well, you certainly have a better chance than I do! I guess we'll know in another week or so.

Now what makes you say that? You placed in almost all of the categories you were in last quarter and I only placed in one of two!

Placing and winning best of the year are two entirely different things. One category I'm in has a fic that wins pretty much every time it's eligible for nomination, and the other had a tie one quarter, so its a five way split (two of them are mine in the same category). don't get me wrong, I appreciate what I've won and am glad to be there, but I don't have my hopes that high of doing very well. the fact that my oneshots did well last quarter show more that people want shorter stories with sex in them than anything, I think. When it comes to year-end voting, those that have been going on for a while and developed a following seem to do better. Ones like some of mine that were completed some time ago tend to be forgotten.

I'm always nervous when the year end vote comes up. I don't know if I'll win either category I'm in quite frankly. I will fall out of my chair if I win the Miroku/Sango one, that's for damn sure. I couldn't imagine winning it for the quarter, so the year end would be an even bigger shock.

Yeah, you just never know. Like I said, I'm not planning on anything. I'll be thrilled if I win, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I really hope Journey wins the crossover category again. I haven't seen any other that really combines two worlds like you have in it.

I haven't read any other crossovers due to the fact I'm busy quite often, I think. I know a lot of people love Alterfano's Romp series, and that could possibly win, too. I just try to fuse two of my favorite stories together and see what happens. It's been fun so far and I like the upcoming story lines, that's for sure!

I enjoyed it the other, but Journey really is a true crossover, weaving the characters together for a story that goes way past a reason for sex. You actually put the characters from InuYasha into the Mallorean (sp?) world, and make it work.

I've been meaning to read Romp, but I haven't gotten to it. And yeah, it took some doing to get the Inu gang to fit into the Belgariad/Malloreon world. I'm just glad it worked!

If you want lots of hot foreplay, and great sex, Romp is great. It really is very good.

I haven't read the sequel since fics that have the well open so everyone can travel back and forth through it just don't interest me.

I've never really seen many fics that have the well open without any consequences, actually. That's an interesting concept, but I don't quite know how feasible it would be. I suppose for Ranma and company to go back and forth it'd have to be open, but I dunno.

the first one has Kagome & InuYasha in the future, so it all works out nice and neat. I think she had Kagome accidently wish on the jewel that it was open in the second, and that was as far as I got. Maybe I'll try it again some time, but at the moment, that just doesn't interest me, and I'm busy enough trying to keep up with my own stuff. I still have to get into the next chapter of LTD.

I know how you feel. I've got another one shot or drabble idea in mind and I have the next chapter to do and some other things that I haven't had a chance to poke around much and see the other stories out there. Sigh. So much to do, so little time.

Which reminds me, I owe you a review response as well. I really haven't done anything with LTD lately. I guess I just needed a break from it.

I can understand needing a break. I'm just getting back into Journey and it's kinda nice to get back into it after being out of it for so long. I think I needed that to get some new perspective and freshness.

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