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Got Some Things Checked Off on the "To Do" List
Manga Rin and Butterfly

I did get some things done. I worked most of the afternoon on my resume while doing my laundry. I also emailed another one of my professors. I am hoping to hear back from them soon. I will tinker some more with my resume tomorrow and possibly send it back to the Career Services people to have them give me more suggestions. I think it looks a lot better than the other format. I will also be looking into the Minnesota presses that were suggested to see what opportunities are there. Can't really know if you don't look, you know? I am hoping there are some good chances to get into my field there that will give me a chance to get where I want to go. I really would love to be in the literary journal field in some way, but I suppose I'll have to find my way there through taking the entry stuff and working my way there.

I also went through and matched my bank statement to what I have written down, and this time there wasn't that HUGE gap. I'm still doing pretty well, and if I keep my entertainment spending to a limit, I should be able to afford all of my upcoming spring bills (car insurance for the most part, which will go up a bit on account of the accident, but still). I am almost caught up on the US manga of Inuyasha. I will have three volumes to go and then I'll be done until they release more. It's taken me almost a year! I'm also almost half way to having the Perfect Collection. After that, I'll turn my whole focus on collecting Ranma. I checked into the series on a whim and now I'm addicted. With all of the backorders/out of stocks my favorite store has, lord only knows HOW long it'll take me to get this series completed.

I've also taken up reading before bed. I've decided to read through the Belgariad/Malloreon for another refresher since it is half my source material for Journey AND read through the Inuyasha manga I've carefully accumulated this past year. I am hoping that this will help me keep myself from screwing up too much AND foster new ideas that I might not have thought of without a little reminder.

I've also, just because I want to know more about history in general, picked up a book on the history of Scotland. It starts with pretty much the primordial ooze that made up the area before even the Romans showed up all the way through reestablishment of the Parliament in 1997. I took a course on English history (two actually) in college, so I feel it's only natural to study the country to the north! And hey, I'm part Scottish, too. And of course, when I get Ranma vol 2, that'll be on the list to read before bed. It helps me wind down so it's all good.

And, for the rest of the night? I intend on working on the next chapter of Journey, making notes for my next Songs of Faith, and maybe a few notes on an idea for a drabble and/or oneshot that came to mind before bed last night. That's my plan unless I get called in AGAIN as I did last night to ShopKo. One never knows!

Well, until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Budgets, I can sympathize. I get my bonus in two weeks... and taxes are just eating most of it up. It's really upsetting.

Oh well. I am keeping a little bit for myself, and at least the taxes will be paid. Still sucks though.

I just started collecting Inuyasha so I have a long way to go :)

The history of Scotland is fascinating. I watched a special on the fall of the Roman Empire this weekend, and England and Scotland were the focus of part of it.

Yes, aren't budgets just great? I'm just happy if I can get a little manga or what not. And once I finally have Inuyasha caught up, that'll be one long series done as far as US releases go.

I like to read medieval history quite often, just because its interesting. I do want to get a hold of some books on the history of Japan, China, and other places, mainly because I've studied quite a bit of Europe that it'd be nice to see some of the other things that happened at the same time in OTHER places around the world. But I have a book on Scotland and not enough money to buy a book on Japan. I figure I'll do a library search after I finish it to see if there are any good books that delve into medieval or before Japanese history. So many books are WWII centric. I want to see BEFORE that.

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