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What Is Far Away Eyes Doing On Her Tuesday?
contemplative Inu

Well, another busy week is underway. Today, I am taking a breather and thinking about what I want to do next. I looked at my critiqued resume that I got back from Career Services, and before I can really continue on it, I will have to go through the ritual that is Spring Cleaning. My "portfolio" is haphazardly scattered some place in the closet, I believe. It gives me the reason I need to tear into the damn thing anyways and organize the books I have, too. Then I can really put in the information I need and have all the works I have written in one place for any future job interviews or the like. I'm also certain that if I don't do some organizing of the ol' closet, I won't have any room in it and it'll spill into the rest of the room. I can't have that!

I also have another project handed to me by the State of Minnesota. I'm too poor to have health care, so I have to go through the state. I was making too much money before Christmas, so they dropped me from coverage. Now that I'm not making a whole lot, there's a possibility to get it back. Unfortunately, they want me to fill out a novel's worth of information. THAT project will be for another day. I already planned on other things today, so I'll have to find a day to sit down and just fill it out. I must admit, I HATE those forms. They ask about all these things that I quite frankly think they DON'T need to know, but if you want them to consider you for coverage you better answer. I just hate the process, because it's so invasive. Oh well, I guess I'll put up with it so I can get my health coverage back.

In other, more fun news, I am pretty close to having another chapter of Journey completed. It is a lot longer than I thought it'd ever be, a whopping seventeen pages to be exact. Sango seemed to work with me after I finally just got into it and let myself write it. I'm hoping that it will be worth the wait you guys have had for new installments! All I have to do is get it finished up, send it to my beta, and let her tell me what she thinks.

I also will be plotting the next chapter out this afternoon, just so I can keep the ball rolling on the story. I have some ideas for the next four chapters, so there's a lot going on in the Journey front. I'm fairly excited about them, mainly because it's good to have the story going again. I think this arc will have a lot going on, and it might surprise me more than it already has. I hope it'll have some good surprises in store for you, too.

I also have begun the preliminary research for an original short story. I've had the idea in mind for quite awhile, and I'd like to start getting information and notes together for it so it can be another addition to my original portfolio. It's something completely new and different than the other short stories I've already written. I'm also thinking of a continuation/prequel series to "Bleeding Through," but we shall see when I can get to that and everything with how busy I am lately! There are also those tons of other Inuyasha plotbunnies bouncing around, too. So much to do, so little time!

I've been reading nightly (for the most part) before bed, too. My new Ranma came yesterday, and I read the first chapter of volume two. OMG I had a giggle fit after I read it and found it hard to go to sleep. Ryoga turning into P-Chan was PRICELESS! I haven't laughed that hard in ages. That last frame with a NAKED female Ranma face to face with a NAKED Ryoga is just too funny. I can't wait until the next chapter!

I also enjoy my Scotland book. It tells the story of Scotland from the beginning, and it is so fascinating. I liked reading about the real MacBeth, seeing what historically happened, and how it compares to the fiction of Shakespeare. And since I took a class on English History when I was in college, it's kinda neat to see the other side of the story.

That's pretty much what I'm up to right now. Busy, busy, busy. I will have a long day ahead of me tomorrow as spring cleaning goes, that's for sure! But it's gotta be done!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Doing a modern Sess and Rin piccie... Sess is going to be wearing a chest hugging shirt... How does Depeche Mode usually style their Band Name? Rin is adorable in this piccie..

Oooo. Here is a link to a small picture of their logo. It's the little black circle with dm in it.


I can't wait to see that and other pictures!

Squees!! I hope you like them!! Is working rather hard on them!

Yay. I can't wait. Did that logo work for you?

Oh yes!! it'll be visible on Sesshoumaru's Tight Chest.. swoons!!

OMG that's gonna be awesome. It's almost perfect for Songs of Faith, even if they'll mostly be set in the feudal era. Depeche Mode IS his favorite band after all. . .I can't wait to see it!

Love the update... Sad to hear about the Healthcare.. that is something that is important to have. and *giggles* just wait until you read the 3rd Vol... Giggles.. I will have my fingers crossed for the Success of your job search and for getting the one that'll make you happy!!

Thanks. I'm not looking forward to filling out the health care form of doom, but whatever.

I will have to wait until April to buy the next Ranma volume. That's okay. I'm sure it'll be hilarious, though!

Gah.. It is really a novel you have to fill out? and do they want it in triplicate? Groans..

April for teh next Vol... well it will be a good thing to wait for!

Practically. It's about 30 pages of questions. I don't think they want triple, but who knows. That's another ball of wax for a different day.

And yes, I have to wait until April, but I DID just get the second volume soooo I have yet to read through it.

Oh dear!! Yah.. P-chan is adorable.. but a right nasty porker when it comes to Ranma.. I think you'll really enjoy it!! .. and you can always go back and re-read..

I have a P-Chan plushie. It's onto of my TV with Kirara, another stuffed pig, and a snowman. I love it. And yes, he's mean as hell to Ranma, but that's only cause he's Ryoga and they don't get along, which makes it even funnier.

I can't to see if Akane ever finds out..

I hope everything works out on that. Of course as soon as you get it all filled out, sent in, and they decide to accept you back, you'll get a good job and they'll drop you again. I hope you can find one with benefits, though. That'd be much better.

Enjoy your books! I'm so beat I'm thinking about going to bed early, again. Today at work was another killer day. I'm worn out. Thankfully, the ED will be leaving on another trip tomorrow, and the DO was acting sick and hinting she wouldn't be there tomorrow. Maybe my last day there this week will be peaceful and I can get everything done and wrapped up I need to before I'm out Thursday and Friday. At least I can hope...

Yes, isn't that the truth? I am hoping that I can get a good job, but for now I would like to have some form of health coverage. My mom is always telling me to go see a doctor because I complain of cold feet a lot of the time. If I can get approved, I might have to see about getting in for a small test to see what that is about. Who knows, it's probably nothing, but I can't find out until I get the coverage back.

I do hope you're day at work will be better tomorrow, too. It's always better when the work day isn't too over taxing!

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