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I Know What You Did Last Night
And here's the proof!
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Where were you last night?
Was sleeping like a normal little person doggieearlover
Was having a little midnight snack quirkyslayer
Was having a snack.. of flesh quirkyslayer
Turned back into a pumpkin at midnight ashtari
Was sleeping with your best friend mirumotoyuusuke
Wishing s/he was a real boy mirumotoyuusuke
Reasserting their individual consiousness quirkyslayer
Getting so incredibly stoned quirkyslayer
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I wish I were sleeping like a normal person. I keep saying I'm going to bed, but keep finding things to respond to.

I was going to go straight to bed at about 2:30 or whatever last night and ended up going to bed at 4 because I was talking to my beta. And then I was hyper.

And don't you hate it when you can't sleep because you are too tired? Well, I'm going to make certain there isn't anything else I just have to respond to and really try to hit the sack.

Yeah, but then the heat makes me sleepy, which accounts for why this chapter coming along so slowly. Which reminds me. . .I MUST go and chain myself to the chapter until I get atleast a page, a half-page, a paragraph, a sentence, a word, ANYTHING. Do sleep well. . .

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