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A Little Teaser of Journey
Just Kidding. . .
I thought while I waited for the beta to get back to me, I'd post a little teaser. Enjoy:

The grass rustled not far away. Sango pulled away from Miroku, straightening her dress. She blushed, realizing they had been caught. A soft chuckle greeted them, and the weasel faced spy came into view. Sango bit her lip, keeping her head bowed. The demon slayer fingered her dress, feeling more heat flood her face.

The spy said, “I thought I might find you two out here.”

Miroku rubbed the back of his neck, looking down at the ground. “Good morning, Silk.”

Silk brushed his hands on his stained tunic. His small, dark eye snapped in wicked mirth. “I was told to come fetch you, my spiritual friend. Master Feldegast requested you in particular. Something about how you're his perfect decoy Grolim High priest.”

Sango's eyes narrowed. “Decoy Grolim High priest? What is going on?”

“Well, Master Feldegast, Velvet and I are going to the dread city of Mal Yaska. He needs someone who can pass off the appearance of a Grolim High priest, and of course our dear monk here came to mind. Don't worry, he won't actually sacrifice anyone in the name of Torak.”

“I see.” Sango crossed her arms.

Miroku pulled his hair back into its ponytail. “I don't know much about Grolims, though.”

“You won't have to. You just have to look like one.”

“If the monk goes, I go,” Sango said, her voice clipped.

“You'll have to talk to Master Feldegast. He's the one leading this expedition.”

Sango frowned. “And just what does a storyteller know about any of this?”

“You'd be surprised.” Silk winked. “We don't have time to argue. Master Feldegast wants to leave immediately, so if you're coming along, take it up with him now.”

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I can't wait until your beta gets back so we can read the rest of it! I'm so glad you have it finished.

I'm glad you liked the little tease. You might be surprised by some of what happens, I know I was!

Ok, so this means that I have to wait for MORE??
*giggles* I know it will be worth the wait, I love the 'caught in the act' moment!

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