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A New Chapter of Journey
So Damn Hot

Well, it's unbetaed, but I decided to post it anyways. I went through and did some editing, and I hope you'll like it. I will do review responses tomorrow or sometime later on this week. Enjoy!

Chapter Sixty Seven:

Summary:  Sango and Miroku share a peaceful morning together. The group is later split into two so a small group can venture into the capital of the Grolim Church, Mal Yaska. What does the juggler want with Miroku? What is this about him pretending to be a High Priest of Torak? What other surprises does Miroku have for Sango?

Links: AFF Media Miner Eternal Destiny Anime Spiral

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I really enjoyed the chapter, and didn't notice anything about it. Of course, now I want the next one to find out what happens, or if you go back to the others that stayed behind, I want to know what they're up to now. So many possibilities for the immediate future now.

I'm glad you liked it. You'll just have to wait and see where we go next and who we meet!

I know, I know... besides, I guess I'd better see about getting back into my own fic, now that I've gotten some of these smaller pieces out of my system. I haven't even looked at LTD in nearly a month. I'm kind of glad I decided to take a break from it.

I know how it feels to come back after a break and have more ideas and a new perspective on the story. Now I just wish that I'd get more reviews for this chapter. Excluding your LJ comments, I've had one at AFF and that's it. I'm hoping when people get home from work and unwind that they'll give me some feedback! I just didn't want to compete if at all possible with this week's manga chapter, so I posted early.

I had to read it in pieces around other things when I got to work. I'll reread the entire thing before leaving a review. It just likely won't be tonight - I'm beat and I have to do the pages for the scanlation when I get home. I usually do them on Sunday, but I didn't get home from the show until about 5:30, and was far too tired to fool with it. I will write one for you, though.

Thanks. It means a lot. I just hope that I'll get more reviews as we go. Monday is a busy day for people, I know!

Especially when you were out Thursday and Friday like I was!

I was working for the whole weekend, so when I got home and managed to have enough brain power to go through and do my own edits and got it posted, I was glad. I'll have to see what the beta has to say and what not later on, but I was just glad to get it posted at all. I didn't want to wait another week or end up posting against the manga release. It'd get even less attention.

I try to avoid posting against it as well. Which reminds me, I still have to do this week's pages...

Yes, posting up against the manga chapter is bad news for anyone cause everyone's all focused on it and forgets the stuff you might have posted. I found that out when I posted Shake the Disease. . .it took almost a WEEK before anyone took any real notice.

yay! new chapter! And it was awesome. Can't wait for you to post the next one!

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. It might be awhile before the next one, but we'll see!

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