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The Tudors: A New Television Drama

I was surfing the web earlier today when I came across an interesting new show. It airs on Showtime, which means I HOPE they'll continue putting it on the internet. It is called the Tudors, and yes, it centers on the reign of Henry VIII of England. The first two episodes are full length here.  You'll have to use Internet Explorer (for those who use FireFox like me), but it is worth it. I must say, I find it very good thus far.

We start with the murder of Henry's uncle. His uncle is in Italy, and is murdered by the French, which automatically makes hot-tempered Henry want to go to war with France, but due to council with Wolsey, he decides to make a peace treaty instead. (don't worry it won't last). Mary, the future Bloody Mary (Never to be confused with Mary, Queen of Scots), is about six at this point in time. And, one of Henry's mistresses (before Anne Boelyn) is pregnant with his first son, Henry Fitzroy (Not an heir to the throne).

I think the show is well written and well acted. There is certainly more than enough drama from the real history to work with here, and I think they've brought it to life in a compelling and engaging manner. I like how there's so much going on and that we get to see all the intrigue. And Henry throws one hell of a tantrum in episode two. I AM so hoping I'll get to see more of this show online, as I do not have Showtime. It's just such a different show, and instead of having some boring narration in the background telling me about what I'm seeing, we just SEE it happen. Sure, I'm sure there are some embellishments and some changes for fiction purposes, but from what I can tell, they're keeping it true to the history books. They've even gone so far as to have Henry sleep with Anne Boelyn's sister Mary first, which is what he did for real. It's such a pity that not many will get to see this program since it's not on a basic cable channel or network. I'll just have to see if this show holds up as we continue along (if I can see it).

I'm a huge history fan, and I took two classes on English history. I think it's just so neat to see something like this come to TV. I mean, yeah, I know what will happen for the most part, but it's still neat to see how they'll show it. So far, it's been a fun ride.

That is my random ramble for now.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes