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Chapter Sixty-Six Review Responses
Sess and Rin Hug

I thought I would take the time to do review responses today. These are for Chapter Sixty-Six.


Chanda: I'm glad you like how the story is coming together. It is fun for me to see how things turn out when I write, and how the characters surprise me as well. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it!

WTW: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and how it came together. As for Kagome getting some more powers from Inuyasha, one never knows what might happen! Since those things might take some time to develop, there's always possibility. Be on the Outlook!

Shaid: I'm glad you liked the twist with our creepy fellow. You might be surprised to find out who he is. It is fixable, but it might take awhile. Poledra is very good at what she does, and it is hard to sneak things underneath her radar, but our new guy is also very practiced. You'll have to wait and see how that turns out in the end. I'm glad you liked how Sesshomaru was affected by Rin. I think that he cares so deeply for her, and we saw just how much in the manga when she died a second time. I think the fact that I've given her some powers he can't understand and she hasn't quite learned how to completely control would set him off rather easily, especially after their emotional day. I'm glad you didn't think it ventured into the land of OOC. I tried to keep it true, while giving him the chance to grow and evolve into a stronger, more dynamic character. I'm glad you feel that worked.

Kimmie: I'm glad you like the story! I hope to hear more from you in the future! Don't be shy!

adeaneri: Yes, I know. I made you wait quite awhile. I do hope the chapter was worth it!

Merely Truth: Wow, I have a French Reader. That's awesome. I'm glad you enjoy the story a lot, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Media Miner:

inuyashaloverr: I chose to have Sesshomaru stay with Rin because she is his biggest concern, and while he probably would like nothing more than to rip Koga limb from limb for what he's done, I felt it would be unnecessary and ill-fitting to the plot. Besides, I need Koga to do other things in the story. I will say, however, that it won't be a friendly meeting the next time Koga sees Sess or Rin, though! You'll have to wait and see when that might happen. And yes, our old man that makes Rin forget who he is. . .that will come back again and it'll only get more dangerous. I'm glad you liked the chapter!

MetsukiKaraTen: I am glad that I could convey Sesshomaru's need for Rin in a tangible manner. It is difficult at times, since she is too young for actual romance, but I am glad this came through. The strange old man is trouble, otherwise he wouldn't have gone out of his way to make her forget and then lie. The lie? Well, that might not be her fault, either. You'll have to wait and see what happens with our  mystery old man. And I'm glad you found the pride in Sesshomaru's words to Rin in their private moment at the end. I wanted him to tell her these things, but without the usual voice he uses. I knew he'd have a much easier time doing it through their mental connection. I'm glad that worked!

Jester08: No, I don't think Rin truly knows how much she means to Sesshomaru, even after this. She still has to learn that, but when she does truly know how much he loves her, she'll be unstoppable. And our old guy? Yeah, he'll be back, and you'll have to see what he's all about.

doggieearlover: Yes, Rin truly had a very long, and hard day. Her guilt and her pain at seeing Koga again is something I think she needs to get beyond, and I think that it's part of her growing up. Rin may have a drive to please Sesshomaru, and may have a softness to her due to her kind heart, but I think underneath that all is a backbone of steel. She just needs to have a chance to get beyond what happened with Koga and find a way to trust in herself to reveal it. And yes, Sesshomaru could have had anyone else wrap her ankle for him, but I chose to have him do it because of how close they've become in this story. I think it would have sent the wrong message to Rin if he had asked soomeone else. And I'd imagine that Sesshomaru was absolutely in full panic mode the moment Rin disappeared before his eyes. He hadn't expected that and he's still a bit worried when it comes to her having powers at all. I don't know if he'll ever truly get over the fact that Rin can do things with a simple word and thought. The old man will not just go away anytime soon, and yes, it is concerning that he would go out of his way to make her forget. I don't think the old man will want to be any where nearby when Sesshomaru or Poledra finds out, though. It's interesting that you mention that he might wish to atone for his evil ways in the past. It's certainly an aspect of his character, but I think even he knows it is much too late for him. I am sure Poledra will be wondering about the fire bit, as well, and it should come out the next time they have a lesson. Perhaps the questions will be answered, but then again, they might not be entirely. We'll have to see!

Charles Watford: I'm glad you've been with me since the start. I hope you'll continue to read and enjoy the story. It's a lot of fun to write and see what might happen. The decision to leave Jaken behind was one I had to make, or we'd constantly be having to explain his looks to various people. That'll be a problem for him in the future anyways, but not for our group while they make their trek. I also think you're right, it has given Sesshomaru the chance to be himself on many levels, mainly because he isn't being reminded constantly that he's this big lord and all. As for the third sword of the Inutashio, anything's possible, but I don't know how well it'd fit into the story or if the Eddings Canon would allow it. I set the story in their world, so I ought to play by Edding's rules! We'll see, though!

I am Foxglove: Yes, Rin has absolutely entered the fun time of adolescence. I don't know how much fun she'll have---or Sesshomaru for that matter, but it should be fun. Between her growing body, growing powers, and growing beauty, there should be no shortage of excitement. I wonder how many guys might find themselves decapitated because they found Rin cute. I worked really hard on conveying how Rin felt both from the point of view of outsiders (Sess, Koga, Miroku) and then her own. I am glad that came across for you. I think it is an event in the manga that has never been truly dealt with, and I wanted to try and deal with it in the timeline of the story.  I think Rin also sees how strong Sess is, and how he abhors weakness in others, which usually leads him to killing or blowing them off. It's only natural for her to fear he might do the same to her, and for her to emulate him and wish to be as strong herself. I also think it's a big portion of her growing up, too. Sesshomaru is her rolemodel in so many ways, and she wants him to be proud. I'm glad you like the pace of the relationship. I struggled to keep it true and I enjoy the growth that appears on the page. They have become very close and affectionate, mainly because I feel Sesshomaru is much more about showing then telling. It's not his nature to come out and say eloquent love speeches, and while he tells her how proud he is of her at the end, it's a long way from him declaring endless love. He shows it by protecting and, by the natural progression of this story, holding her. I don't think he realizes it just yet, and I don't know if he'll think of that on his own or need someone who will do it for him, but yes, he'll have to find out sometime! I am glad you found his character to be true. As for going into how he felt about this, it certainly will be dealt with when we visit Sess again. He has a lot of things to deal with, and he better deal with them now because he's going to have more troubles down the road. I will say that Rin's concerns will not entirely fade, as nothing this major does overnight, but she'll find a way to overcome it, trust me. Sess will depend on it. And yes, there a ton who care for her and care for her deeply. Her birthday should certainly show her that. And of course, Sess was no nonsense. That's just who he is! Our friend Makor is certainly going to be big in the future plotlines. I don't think Sess will like him much. You'll just have to wait and see what comes of our stranger. And you can bet that Poledra will be just as anxious about him. I haven't decided entirely who will all know of Rin's slip-up, but we'll see. Inuyasha is already a bit ruffled about Rin's lessons, even though he's had almost nothing to do with them (save the mud fight with Sess). That will change down the road, I'm sure, so stick around. And did Sess get Rin a gift? Just wait and see on that, too!

fluffy802005: Glad you liked the chapter and the growth between Sess and Rin. They certainly had a trying time, didn't they?

Anime Spiral:

InuunKags: Glad you liked the chapter. Rest assured, Inuyasha and Kagome will have another chapter featuring them. Look forward to it.

JohntemplarHellsing: I'm glad you found it creative. I'm not entirely sure when we'll reach the end, but I do have it plotted out!

jojo_luvs_inu: Glad you liked it! I hope you'll like the rest.

malitiadixie: I'm glad you're liking the story, even though it is a crossover. I have had a lot of fun bringing the two worlds together. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy the rest as we go along!

Well, that's the responses for Chapter Sixty-Six. I cherish and answer every review I get. I hope to hear from you guys!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes