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Happy Fourth of July
Hey Reader,

I hope all of my American readers are having a good Fourth of July. I am enjoying mine, but know that tomorrow brings back the ever consuming job search! I will say I'm getting pretty frustrated with it,  but I will continue to have hope for landing something, ANYTHING. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason my luck has not shifted in my favor in regards to the job hunt. I will be applying at more places tomorrow, hoping to land something, even an interview.

Speaking of interviews, I have had a few in the past month, which is wonderful for the experience of undergoing them, but irritate me when I am TOLD I will for sure hear back with a yes or a no, only to have not one call from the said company. Is this policy of most companies? It's outright lying, you know. They say they will call, but do not. Perhaps they suffer from bad boyfriend syndrome, I'm not entirely sure. I just find it to be absolutely frustrating to be told one thing only to have the opposite occur. Hell, I'd LOVE to have the interview, even if I don't get the job, at least to have the courtesy of hearing a response. Oh well, what can you do, except try, try, try again.

What sucks is I really, really want to get some more anime/manga and some really nice clothes, but won't be able to until I am hired ANYWHERE. That will be my gift to myself as soon as I get hired someplace. A couple manga volumes and perhaps a really nice shirt and some shorts(Believe it or not, I only have one good pair of those and it is dreadfully hot this summer). I might also pick up something extra, depending on the job I can get. At this point, I'm not sure what it will be.

I will be applying, if you're curious, at the local K-Mart(I know. . .they suck, ask Dustan Hoffman, but if it helps pay for my car. . .), a local restaurant, ShopKo(Think Target, except smaller), and Starbucks, tomorrow. I am hoping one, just ONE of them will at least even consider to interview me. I will have to go in with all the hope I can muster, I suppose. One of these days I will have to have SOME success, don't you think?

I'm sure you're wondering about the story and less about the silly troubles of my job hunt. The Inuyasha Fanguild is currently accepting nominations for the 2nd Quarter. I have nominated a ton of stories, and I am hopeful they will make it to the seconding period. I am thankful to doggieearlover for nominating my story for Best Drama and Best Serial. If you would like to nominate it for any other categories, save Best Crossover, feel free to do so. This quarter at the Guild looks to be very exciting and I am anxious to see how my story will do this time around.

As for the story itself, I will say I have over two thousand words as of right now, and hopefully will have more luck as I sit down and write. If I could just concentrate without any distractions, I'd have a lot more luck doing that.  It is coming along, albeit a bit slower than I would like. I know I said I would have hoped to have a new chapter out before a month had passed, but I don't think that will happen. Stupid real life keeps getting in the way! *Shakes fist at RL for getting in the way of story telling. These people are on a mission, it's important!"

I will return to slaving away at the chapter. That way you won't feel the need to hunt me down!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes 

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I'll keep my fingers crossed that a interview/job comes your way, and the creative juices start flowing. Meanwhile, I think I'm giving mine a break - I'm tired!

I can imagine, since you just completed a chapter, after all. . .thanks for the luck. It seems I would need it right about now. Oi.

Yeah, I think that's two chapters I've finished in the last few days. I'd go to bed early except that it is InuYasha night, and it doesn't start for another hour...

The problem with finding a job this time of the year is that all of the high school and college students all find summer jobs. Knocks the heck out of what is available. But don't worry, something will come your way.

It had better, cause I got a car and student loans to cover and yeah. . .

I'm hoping one of the places I apply at tomorrow will give me something, even if it's only for a short while so I can have some money coming in. It's just annoying.

You should check out the temporary agencies, too. And a lot of them have jobs that become permanent after a certain amount of time. They are always looking for someone with writing and computer skills. I would sign up with all of the ones in your area. The job I've been in for over five years now started as a temporary one that was supposed to last a couple of months at most. I'm still there, but now as a full-time employee.

I've looked into those, too. So far nothing really. I guess I'll just have to keep on the dilligent path and hope that I will get one, eventually. I can't possibly be that unhireable. . .sheesh.

Timing is everything. Keep your chin up.

I certainly will try. I'm thinking I will have more luck as we near the school year, when all the students return to their classes. I have saved quite a bit of my money, so I'm not screwed when my next few car payments show up. Which is good.

Well, you are way ahead of most college students,then. It seems so many spend every dime they get on clothes or partying, and don't have anything when they graduate. Hopefully, things will loosen up a bit as the schools start back up for fall. (I don't know about up there, but down here they start mid-August).

I'm Dutch, which means I was raised to be kind of cheap. I'm also Catholic, so I suffer from severe Catholic guilt sometimes, especially after buying something I know I shouldn't. I have done a LOT of window shopping at various anime sites, though! I've also never been into the party scene. I don't drink, and I probably never will do to a health condition in my family. I don't like the bar scenes, either. Beyond that, my town is small, so it's not like I could go "clubbing."

Our schools start after Labor Day(My birthday this year)for higschool and the like, and the local college starts classes the last two weeks of August. I have heard that one of the grocery stores will look into hiring sometime in August, so I figure I'll apply mid to late July and cross my fingers!

Luck on the Job hunt

Try for starbucks - they have a benefits package!(Well the ones in Canada do, and being a chain they Should be the same. Plus something about a coffee allowance per week)Pull out the old tried and true methods of getting hired: dress like you could already work there, and check back every week, same day of the week to see if there are any openings, so they get to know you. Most resumes end up stuck in a file somewhere so always have an extra or two with you. Best of luck.
The-far-to-long-absentee reviewer, Gem

Re: Luck on the Job hunt

Thanks. I'll take your advice. It sounds like a good plan. And it certainly is good to hear from you! I have missed your reviews, although I'm sure my slower update rate can be taken into account for that. It's just good to know you're still with me! I hope to hear from you soon!

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