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Was This Sesshomaru As A Puppy?

This puppy is HILARIOUS. And the text is just perfect! Love it! You think Sess had such an expression as a wee little puppy?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

Sigh, I know he'll get me for this later---like when I try to write anything concerning his POV. Oh well.

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That is just too cute, and the expression to perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Heeee! Gave me the giggles!

yep. i'm pretty sure that WAS sessy. good catch (and good icon). BTW: thanks for trying to nom "Pounce!" at IYFG. It was voted on last quarter and dind't do so well. not raunchy enough i think. *Sigh*

and thanks for tossing The Pounding into the fray. I appreciate it.

:-D I've seen this picture before. My husband has used it as his wallpaper from time to time.

Did I mention he's not quite sane?

HEhehe Thanks for the laugh. I needed it!

Fluffy. ::snerk::

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