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IYRR (Inuyasha Rabble Rousers)

I was talking with metsukikaraten earlier today, and she came up with a great name: The Inuyasha Rabble Rousers. We thought it'd be neat to start a group, but I'm not sure exactly what kind of group. It'd probably have art and fiction and all that good stuff, but by being Rabble Rousers, we'd have to have a healthy dose of snark (The good kind, not the wanky kind). Anyone interested in such a group as this or have any suggestions? I think it'd just be a nice hangout for us. Just let me know what you think!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Don't have any suggestions, but it does sound like fun. Let me know...

I'll have to think about what I want to do and how I want to have it set up, but I'm glad you think it sounds like fun!

Ooooh! *raises her hand* Count me in :)

Big Evil Smile... so the first subject... eyes glinting... no.. we won''t mention them... But Yes Count me in!!

We wouldn't want to ruin it by mentioning THEM...

Sounds fun to me. Thinking about staring an LJ community or using a message board system?

Yes, a LJ community. I just think it'd be a shame to let the name go to waste!

I'm packing my megaphone and a extra-large box of crayons (in my true colours) ~.^ for colouring outside the lines. (I'm counting on Nikkie to show me the subtle nuances of how that's done!) Anything else I should bring?

Yes, good crayons, we all need those. I dunno what else to bring. I got the music already set!


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