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I'm new to this Live Journal thing. I thought I'd atleast try it out. I suppose I should introduce myself a little. I'm known as Far Away Eyes to vast majority of the internet, at least these days. I am a fiction writer, particularly as of late in the Inuyasha Fanfiction vein. I also write original short stories from time to time, but do not have a novel plotted out as of lately. I also have a BA in Creative Writing, so it'd make sense that I write, I guess.

Other than that, there is not a whole to tell.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I found you and friended you back! If I figured this place out (sort of) anyone can!

Thanks! Here's hoping I can figure it all out, too!

reading your work on AdultFanfiction.net

I've been reading Journey to the City of Endless Night and I have to say I'm impressed. I don't oftenpost reviews but I had to say something to you about the story and how much I loved it! I'm also new to the LiveJournal community so I thought it would be nice to direst the comment here.

The story is.. well epic, though using that word seems like a copout to me. I love the interaction between Kagome and Inuyasha as well as the interesting relationship he's developed with his brother. I feel like I'm missing a bit not having read the series you're crossing it with, but I'll figure it out eventually. I read another of David Eddings' series in the mid 90's, The Blue Elenium, I believe... I've only got one book left from it, The Sapphire Rose, though I do remember that the series was the first time I'd seen the word "emasculated" and after that, I picked it as a favorite word. Oh, Wait! I've got The Ruby Knight also.

Anyway, the point is this: I loved the story. It took me nearly a week to read and drove me nuts besides because of all the stuff I kept missing, but damn it was compelling!! I hope you can update it again soon and I can't wait to see whatyou do next. It's really amazing.

Will you let me know when you update? Please??



Re: reading your work on AdultFanfiction.net

I'm glad you're enjoying the story. It's been a lot of fun, and I have to say, sometimes feels entirely like an epic to me, as far as the work that goes into it. It is enjoyable to write it, though.

I am fond of the Sparhawk series, as I call it, but I've always adored the Belgariad/Malloreon series much more. That series came first. I highly recommend it. I know that sometimes it's hard to follow the crossover aspects when you don't know the other cast, but I hope that things have been explained enough on the way, after all, we learn through the Inu gang.

I am currently working on an update, but I'm uncertain of when it'll be posted. I'll put you on my friends list, and you can do the same so you'll know when things are updated. I always post a journal entry about the latest chapter, so do check that out.

I also have another short piece, different than Journey, that you can read, if you like, here: http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_ch.php/127952/439093#fic_c

Far Away Eyes

I thought I'd leave a review here for your story and say that I'm adding you to my friends list so I'll know when you post a new chapter.

Just very recently got into InuYasha, and your story was one of the first that I found. Spent the ENTIRE Christmas weekend reading it--ended up burning quite a few dishes because I was so absorbed reading that I didn't hear the oven timer go off.

This is an amazing story, and I really want to thank you for the tastefully written sex scenes--you're one of the few InuYasha fanfic writers that I've seen so far that's managed to write such incredibly hot sex without crossing over into porn.

I love the interaction between Kagome and InuYasha, I think you've handled the progression of their relationship very well. I had always thought that InuYasha's demon side saw Kagome as his true mate, while his human side was torn between her and Kikyo, which to me explained why Kagome was the only one who could safely approach him when he turned full demon.

Anyay, thanks so much for writing this story, and I really hope you update soon. :-)

Thank-you for stopping by and reviewing! I always like to hear what new people have to say about the story. I see you're a big Pirates fan. I haven't really gotten into that fandom, but I do love Jack Sparrow (considering he's modeled on my favorite Rolling Stone, Keith Richards)

I can't tell you how many times I've been told by someone that they've spent this or that reading this story. It's a monster, isn't it? And it just seems to grow. Just think, when I started, I had this vague idea of these two series crossing and wouldn't it be neat if so and so met so and so and saw this or that thing they could do? And BAM it's this massive beast that won't end, which is fine with me.

I'm glad that you find my sex scenes don't degenerate into "porn." I try to avoid anything for the most part that might sound like porn, because I've found that I feel the big pleas you hear in porn for harder, faster, ect in abundance to be distracting. I want to emphasis emotion and connection, not so much what might be expected with the "dirty" talk. It works for some, and I will give them that if that's what works for them, but when I write a sex scene, if I nearly start giggling because it's got dialogue that sounds silly on the page, it'll not turn out when it's presented to the reader. If I truly wanted to hear a "porn dirty talk" exchange, I'd go look up some porn and watch it. With these Inuyasha and Kagome, I'm trying to show that they are truly in love and that the pleasure from sex is just a benefit included. I don't really need to hear Kagome plead for this or that, or have Inuyasha be callous like most men seem to be in porno flicks with the name calling and orders. It just doesn't seem true to their characters. I also take into account that Inuyasha isn't fully human. I don't see him relying on dirty talk with his instincts. He'd be vocal, but not really in words so much. And I feel that Kagome would be able to pick up on that and go with it, too. It's mostly my opinion, but that's how I approach them. I also like to alternate between the two POV's so we can get a feel for what both see/experience.

I've always felt that Inuyasha recognized Kagome at his inner core and just hasn't shut his human self up to listen. He's so busy chasing his own tail fretting about the dead when the living is right there in front of him just waiting for him to make the first damn move---or something. I took the benefit of his instincts again here, and with the addition of his elder brother, quite possibly the biggest threat aside from Koga to his claim on Kagome, I found a way for him to hush that human conflict boiling in his brain. His instincts kept shouting that Sesshomaru could very well decide if Kagome's not gonna be claimed, he can take her, even if Inuyasha knew his demon brother wouldn't give one crap about Kagome as far as a mate. He's busy, anyways. That added boost and the new landscape was all that I needed to help give them that nudge. I'm glad you think it works. I just wish we could see Inuyasha pull himself together and get over the dead girl. Don't get me wrong, Kikyo is a great character and I don't hate her, but dude, he's gotta figure out some day that even if her little clay body made it to the end, having sex with her would be a big ewwww and probably a big flop in the enjoyment department. And going to hell? What does that accomplish again?

As for that pesky update, Rin and I, we're working on it. She's not really the one I'm struggling with, it's those around her. I hope it'll be done soon. . .we shall see.

Again, thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

Not bad I hope you have a FFNet accout.

I had a FF.net account, but because I post NC-17 fiction, they removed my story and I haven't gone back since. I do hope you'll go to the other sites!

Hi i am somewhat new to inuyasha, i started to watch it about 2months ago. i have watched all the episodes and all 4 movies, and was quite disappointed to find out that the ended it. i found your stories not too long ago by chance actually and absolutely love them. i have read all your "The Journey to the City of Endless Night", and most of the other inuyasha ones. i seen that you last posted chapter 79, june 13th. I was just wondering when you would post another. i have been so drawn in by you stories, its almost like an addiction. i have read many books by famous people and i must say your really good at what you have been doing with this story. i don"t mean to intrude on you or anything but i would love to know how your going to finish the story or if you even intend to do so. thank you for your time and like i said i love your side of the inuyasha stories. -Tara

I have been reading The Journey to the City of Endless Night since the beginning. But alas after three computer crashing(for various reasons) over the course of three years later I had lost all hope that it still existed. With about 2 minutes on Google for kicks, and I finally found you on MediaMinner. Thank Goodness I did too because your story had been unfinished and in my mind needed a good ending. Well to make a long story short I FINALLY reached Chapter 80(happy dance) and noticed then when i tried looking for the next one i saw the date tagged onto it. It had been almost a year since you had posted it!!!!! Please don't tell me you gave up on it!!!!!! I must know What happened to Rin!!!! Will the gray wolf w/ Koga get a human form?!! What kind of things could Shesshy teach Shippo? Will there ever be a reunion of Sango and Mirkou? But above all else, will Naraku Finally DIE!?!?!?!?!!?!!!?!?!!!! I really hate his guts, and there really needs to be like an official death for him....but just so it doesn't keep me up at night can you have a heartfelt scene with his first love Kikyou. I hated her too, but I know how she feels cuz my first love was Inuyasha back in High School. Totally willing to change for me and in the end things didn't go as planed...(sigh).... I'm still with him, but now I'm have to somehow get approval from the parental figure....(bigger sigh)... I really hope you continue with this story. It just can't end here, i'm so invested into this one and it really outdoes all the other Fan Fics out there. You can find me on FaceBook under Serina Ellencore.Please find me I must know how it ends!!!!

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