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My IYFG Nominations
Peace and Love

Well, I am very honored by all of the nominations I have received. I would like to thank fenikkusuken, quirkyslayer/paynesgrey, Lavender Rose,  and doggieearlover, along with all of my readers. Thank-you!

Here is the list of the nominations for this quarter:

Best Canon:

Shippo's Cruel Amusement and What He Found In Her Eyes.

Best Drama:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night

Best Serial:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night

Best Short-Short:

What He Found In Her Eyes

Best Songfic/Poem:

Songs of Faith and Devotion

Best Yaoi:

Goodbye, Muttface

Quite a spectrum, and I'm very honored by the readers who thought my work worthy for such recognition. Seconding begins on April 26th.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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good luck! & congrats!

Thanks, but don't tell anyone, I'm halfway jealous of all my LJ friends for getting the DQ banner.

oh , it could still happen to you. and since some of the ones you nommed got DQ'd I think you deserve it anyway!

God, I don't think much of what I nommed made it. I am still waiting for Goodbye, Muttface to get DQed for not having enough "story" or not fitting the yaoi category or something. Of all my noms, that's the one in most danger, I'd say.

Thanks, but I still kinda feel left out. Just about all my LJ friends have been DQed and get that banner but me!

You know, that's one party I would just assume as to be left out on...

I guess I'm pretty close to the DQ club, though. Just about ALL the stories I nominated managed to get DQed in some way or somehow. . .

At least the ones I nominated are still up - I think...

It seems just about everything I tried to nominate got rejected. Oh well. I did have some fun trying to come up with some rules for the Rabble Rousers and a statement on what the group IS exactly. I just think the name is so cool it'd be a shame to not actually do something with it.

I don't think you've been DQd as many times as I have yet... not that much fun. At least it was only twice this time (so far).

I can imagine it not being all that fun!

maybe not. but um... Fano's gotten booted twice last quarter and once this quarter....

As long as some of it stays in i'm happy. lots of folks only have one story nommed at all. I still feel lucky/honored.

I had at least four last time, maybe more because I lost count.

I am honored to have been nominated, I was worried this time I wouldn't have anything left at all by the time they got done with the DQs. I don't figure I'm safe until the ballots go up.

Hell, I'm still waiting for them to toss Goodbye Muttface on category or lack of story or something.

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