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Oi. That was close!
Hey Reader,

Boy, I think the cosmos is against me writing the next chapter. I was listening to some music when the speakers cut out and I fought with the computer to make the sound come back and THEN I tried to fix it by going to the back of the computer to check the speakers, FORGETTING the class of water on the desk. Splash it went and I ALMOST killed this keyboard. I'm crossing my fingers that I saved it. It had some water spill into it, but I let it air out for an hour and a half, so here's hoping! 

I have returned to the trusty bottle so I can prevent another accident such as this. I just can't believe how stupid I was! I even KNEW the damn glass was sitting right there on top of it.  I can't afford a new one keyboard! I am a big, big, baka.

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Don't give up. My little girl spilled a coke on my keyboard and a few of the keys on the left side still stick - thankfully they aren't the letter keys - but other than that it still works fine.

So far, so good. I'm hoping if I air it out overnight after I go to bed, it'll get any nasty water left. I also waved it around, it being a wireless one. We'll see!

You wouldn't believe the stuff that gets spilled/dropped onto the keyboards at work. It takes something pretty powerful to do any damage.

At least you can get a keyboard fairly inexpensively these days unless you have to have a fancy ergonomic one or one of those gaming keyboards. But hopefully, we won't need to take up a collection to ensure that you can continue writing Journey To The City of Endless Night (LOL).

It's still working, which I have to say is a first. Usually if I spill water or anything like that, the damn keyboard is TOAST. This time, doing what I did, worked. The only problem, and I'm sure it'll improve with time, is that the keys are kind of sticking, which is odd. I spilt water, not juice or pop!

Don't worry! There's no need for a fund to keep my working on the story!

Hi Fae,

OMG! I'm married with two kids and EVERYONE spills on the keyboard! I've taken a dozen keyboards apart to clean and dry them. Most of the time we're lucky and they still work after. Water is not bad, soda is a killer. Catching it when it happens is a big plus! I usually don't find out until someone yells,"Daaad! this keyboard doesn't work!" If you couldn't guess, I have a couple of keyboards in reserve. So if you need one, our favorite "Dem-Ex" carrier will deliver it faster than Mikroku's hand reaching for Sango's bottom.

I just feel stupid. I went to the trust sports bottle so I would never have to do that again. I might buy a couple more when I feel a bit more comfortable at the job.

I can imagine that it's often not caught in your house! It's my dad who does more damage to keyboard around here, though. He has never gotten along with electronics. EVER.

And I love Dem EX! They rule!

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