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What I've Been Up To

Well, I hope everyone's May is going well thus far. I know I haven't journaled in awhile, but I've been busy! I worked a lot in April, so that consumed much of my time. I also spent a lot of time working on the next chapter for Journey. I am happy to announce that it is finished, but now I wait for my beta's response on it. As soon as I get a response (or I get way too impatient and post the "un-betaed"), I'll post it for your enjoyment. I am hoping that you'll like it, despite the point of view we're visiting this go round. Speaking of Journey, it took 1st Place at the Feudal Association for Best Characterization of Inuyasha and 3rd for Best Inu/Kag Romance. I'd like to thank everyone who participated. It means a lot to me.

I have also been writing a few drabbles, and much to my surprise they sometimes even win! Here are the banners I have gotten in the last month:

Banner for Week 93: Devotion at iyfic_contest:

Read Devotion Unending

Banner for Forthrightly's Songfic Challenge:

Read Shake the Disease

Banner for Forthrightly's Foolish Mortals Challenge:

Read The Lord of the Fools

Banner for Week 94: Color at iyfic_contest:

Read The Colorful Thank-You

Aren't they all really pretty? I am still waiting for a banner for my drabble "Me, I'm Not," and one for "Power Play." I'm sure both will be worth it when they're posted! Currently, the polls for the Bystander theme at iyissekiwa are still open until the 7th. I have entered "The Beginning of the End," and I hope that it will do well. We shall see. I also am curious to see what art I'll get for the Feudal Association wins. And of course, no one can forget that the IY Fanguild closes seconding tomorrow night and voting will start on the 13th. I have been lucky to have all of my work seconded onto the ballot. I hope to do well, as well as everyone on my f-list.

In other news, I have been watching a lot of Ranma. I have the first Perfect Set, and I must say that it is highly addictive. I tell myself I will watch one, and only one, episode, and end up watching anywhere from 4-7 in  a row. It's hilarious and fun, what can I say? I also have all of my Inuyasha US manga releases, so now I can focus on catching up on Ranma. I have 6 volumes so far. Now I have to decide what I want to buy next, another Inuyasha DVD set, a Ranma DVD set, or manga?

Otherwise, that's pretty much it. I will actually get a chance to work on my resume again on Monday or Tuesday, as I have finally gathered a good chunk of my portfolio again. Hopefully that'll help get the career search going again. I most certainly do NOT want to spend the rest of my life in retail, that's for sure!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Wow! You've been busy too! I was so absent with RL butting in and being a right pain in the backside! Congrats on all your banners!! Hope to see you get some awards! Huggles!! ANd I can't wait to get my own Ranma set! I got myself a lot more manga recently! Plus I picked up Trinity Blood and FMA vol 1. My Ranma Vol 36 the final vol is wrapped up and set aside to read until after I get the entire collection.. good moviation, ne?

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