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400 Reviews!!
So Damn Hot

Not to spam, but I must celebrate the fact that I have a total of 400 reviews at AFF. YAY. And here's Review #400:

notgoingtowrite 2007-05-08 id # 3000052480
WOW! Its an amazing story. I sat down and read all 68 chapters in one sitting. I enjoyed it so much i'm not even going to complain about being butt sore from sitting so long. Congratulations. I Loved it.

I'm so happy! Yay!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Congrats!! That's really an accomplishiment over there. It's been pretty slim pickins since the fiasco last year, and hasn't gotten any better since they require you to sign in now.

Well, I was about 25 shy when the whole crash happened, so it's taken a while to climb. Back when I started posting Journey, within about a day to day and a half of posting a chapter, I would get anywhere from 10-15 reviews. Now I'm lucky to get a small handful, and only a couple of those will say much beyond "I like it, update soon."

I know exactly what you mean...

Congrats on getting the 400 Reviews of AFF!! You So Very Rock!!

I was pretty happy to see that, yes. It's exciting!

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