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Gah. Get Here Already.

Remember when I asked for some advice for new mangas to try? I ordered those on May 11th, was told it shipped on the 14th, and guess what, on the 23rd it's still NOT HERE. I gotta say, this is one of the longest waits I've ever had for a shipment. Seriously. It says on the tracking site that it left their Jersey City location on the 18th. Now, I know they don't really do much on the weekends with shipments, but this is getting down right ridiculous. GAH. I just want my manga already.

In other news, thanks to metsukikaraten, I won't have to follow my urge to totally rip the latest work on Journey to shreds and start over. We talked last night and she helped me get over a big bump in what I wanted to happen and the like, and well, hopefully I'll get our surly Demon Lord to behave finally. I'm telling you, he's been just awful this go round.

I guess I better go get to work on that chapter.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Don't do that! I know I've nearly ditched an entire chapter a few times, and inufan625 said not to. When I posted them, they usually got more reviews than the chapters I liked. Go figure.

I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with!

I won't do it, but I was getting really frustrated and I just want to make it work and all that, but so far it's just been a beast. I'm not entirely sure why. Sess and I usually get along. It's just a matter of making it all come together.

I have no doubt that it'll all work out. I know a few times I've had to write a scene that I knew was coming up, and then work my way up to it. That seemed to work when nothing else did.

I already kind of half of this "scene" of this chapter in place, it's fitting in the other half. I kinda have to coax Sess some, and somehow have Rin doing stuff that he kinda half way notices but not quite. Right now it's just getting into the mood, so I have to listen to some music and clear my head and all that.

Awww... I didn't realise you were THAT frustrated with it. I'm glad I could be there for you. OMG we can't have you ripping things, that just will NOT do!!

Oh yeah, that frustrated. Not as frustrated as I am with the damn post office! I'm telling you, WHERE IS MY MANGA! Sheesh. It's been "enroute from our New Jersey faciitly" since the 18th! What, are they taking some detours to the moon with it first?

After my mom broker her leg, she had my father send me some books. NOT a smart Idea. He literally took the books to a UPS store, sans container, told them to box and ship them, paid and left. Now, you'd think that he'd remember HOW he told them to send it... Nope! Nary a clue. No tracking number, no receipt, nothing.

Took three weeks to get to me. He sent it "media shipping", which costs less ($3.06 for 6 books) but takes FOREVER. Which reminds me, Howl's Moving Castle and that Christine Feehan book should be arriving soon.... I'm finally going to get to read the BOOK of Howl's Moving Castle!! Eeep!

Good luck on the next chapter and I hope your manga comes in soon! What did you get, BTW?

Usually it doesn't take this long, so I'm hoping tomorrow it'll be here or someone will get be getting an email. This is getting stupid.

I got Ranma volume 7 and Rurouni Kenshin volume 1. I can't imagine why I don't have them yet, but something must be wrong, cause it should be here. I'm telling you, if it's not in my hands, I'm gonna find out what the hell is going on. Usually the store I use takes five days or less once they tell me things have shipped.

So far tonight, the chapter work is going alright. I don't know if it's any good per se, but we'll see, I guess.

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