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IYFG Results
Manga Rin and Butterfly

The IYFG Results are in, and I would love to thank everyone who reads and reviews my works. I would also like to thank those who nominated, seconded, and voted for the pieces I had nominated. Here are the placements I earned this quarter:

Best Canon:

Shippo's Cruel Amusement and What He Found In Her Eyes.  Both are seconded. Thank you inuyashaloverr and Ravenwing.

First Place for What He Found In Her Eyes. Shippo's Cruel Amusement did not place.

Best Drama:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night
  Seconded by Scottishfae.

Did not place.

Best Serial:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night  Seconded by inuyashaloverr

Did not place.

Best Short-Short:

What He Found In Her Eyes  Seconded by inuyashaloverr

Second Place

Best Songfic/Poem:

Songs of Faith and Devotion

First Place

First Place.

Best Yaoi:

Goodbye, Muttface  Seconded by inuyashaloverr

Third Place

I can't say thank you enough. I did not expect to do this well in the Guild, and although Journey did not do as well as I had wanted or hoped, I'm grateful for the rest. I did NOT expect Songs of Faith to place, let alone win, so thank-you so much! That piece means a lot to me, and to see it be recognized is truly an honor. I'm still shaking my head at the Yaoi/Yuri win, but I'm thankful to have won third place. As for winning canon, I must say that I never imagined I'd win that category when I started writing Inuyasha fanfiction. Thank-you so much. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy all of my works, and as always feel free to review!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Congrats on the placements :)

Congrats! Well deserved wins...I loved 'Her Eyes' and I'm glad you won!

Thanks. I'm glad you liked that drabble. It was a fun one, even if it didn't place at iyfic_contest.

And congrats to you, too!

Now, I must go and fight with Sesshomaru and get more Journey worked on.

Me, too. Darn him, anyway! I've fought with him in this latest chapter and he just won't cooperate. Stupid, arrogant dog....

YAY!!!!!!!!! For the Wins!! and now with more stories and drabbles I can Nom more!!

Thought Shippou's Cruel Amusement should have placed.. Will pout for 30mins on this one... will pout longer for Journey... Maybe a couple hours.. *giggles*

Literary Goddess, I will always trill at your writings!!

I didn't expect Shippo's Cruel Amusement to do that well, actually, and considering I was competing with myself, and consider What He Found In Her Eyes to be a much better drabble, I'm happy with the win.

Outside of Best Crossover, and oddly, Best Miroku/Sango, Journey has never done exceedingly well in Best Serial/Best Drama. I am not entirely sure why that is, it just is. The Best I've done in Serial is third place with Journey. I think it's because so many of the other great serials are still in production and hence get nominated and win again frequently. I have nothing against that. In fact, I find it highly ironic. The whole debate about the same authors/stores has come up at the Guild again, and my longest, oldest piece fell flat on its face this quarter, while my newer, shorter works took home awards. So, if the same stories keep winning, then explain Journey's loss, and Songs of Faith's win? I find it all highly amusing to say the least.

Now, I will have to do the nasty task of "housecleaning" my Nomination Reference List so people know what to and what not to nominate. Exciting, eh?

I did chuckle alittle at that.

I know.. I do believe there is an unfairness that is going on and the Guild does want to turn blind eyes to it or are so busy they honestly can't see it. The ones who can see it are the ones not so deeply involved that they are too close to the subject.

The bit about the Grammar/Spelling "Inquisition" is a definite issue. Fine so someone has misspelt a word here and there or placed a comma where a period should maybe a few times throughout the whole story... If it glaringly obvious then yes it needs to be DQ. I can serious see poor JK Rowlings being DQ left right and center with the DQ and Quality Butt tight people. *Points - OMG!! I left out a comma!! SOBS*

Where is the fun in the Noms anymore?

"housecleaning" - ouch.. cringes..

I have never been against the Guild having a quality standard, per se, I just wish we, as members, had been able to vote on the QC itself. I know that it is open for me and any other member of the Guild to join, but its existence was never put to a vote. They simply put it into place and said "do not discuss, as it is staying no matter what," which either good or bad, says to me and to others that might not be a member of the moderators, that they don't listen or care about the member's opinions. That, to me, was a major turn off in some ways. I know the QC does not DQ fics themselves, but still, it would have been nice to be included in the final decision to have it at all, rather than just be told that it's there. The democracy of the group has always been a hallmark, from the nominating, to the seconding, and finally in the voting. The definitions in use, while perhaps in need of revision, were voted upon by its members. Even the CC was, but the QC is not something they'll revist or allow us to dispute even if it is just to let us, as members, decide if we want to have it at all. That, is what bothers me, because it makes me wonder how long it is before they decide to make a decision on something else without any member input?

As for favoritism, I think there is a burden put on the mods that isn't warranted---to a point. We, as members, determine what we will and will not nominate, so when we nominate the same works over and over again, and coincidently they win again, we can only blame ourselves. So much of the time, we're too busy to look past our favorite authors/stories to nominate new work. It takes a long time to find something worthy of being recognized---in ANY group for ANY award. A lot of us do not have that time, and considering how much is on the ol' reading list for any given person, plus their own works and RL, wellll, the probability of someone digging up something never seen before that's excellent is quite slim. It's not bad or good, it just is, and I think those that grouse the most about the favoritism ought to go beyond their own comfort zone and SEARCH for that great story that won't get DQed due to grammar.

As for grammar, while I've been critical of their implementation of DQs for grammar, I do think it'd be highly unfair to those who do hard work on every level of their story telling to let someone get on the ballot and possibly win for writing things like "kagome and innuyasha were kisssing echother n shoeing der luv fer one n other" and the like. I do think, that slight errors in a work, should not automatically punish it, but I am not on either committee, and I do not have time to be on them, either.

All I can hope for in this current down time is that somehow, someway, they can get a balance between being the Grammar Nazis Extraordinaire and being a popularity contest where everyone and anyone nominates anything, despite if it's truly worthy or if it's their bestest friend's fanfic.

I know.. I have tried to nom new writers in the past but they were just DQ every time. I stopped doing it. So of course I'm going to nom all my favs without offering up a new one.. This is one reason why I won't Nom Foo-Dog and her stories. I don't want her to go through the horrors.. (she's already pretty anxious about her writing ability) Though she did have someone try to get her over to A Single Spark.. but left her alone as soon as they were told she will never write a Sess/Kag story.

That comment also got my hackles up in concern... "do not discuss, as it is staying no matter what" I don't recall like you said that we the members got to vote on this matter.

I know... I don't see any mistakes in yours, DEL's, Fano's, InuFan's, or any of my other Favs writings..

A definite easy equal would be nice.

That's the problem, the newbie stories do get DQed for grammar and whatever else, which can and in some ways does make it look like they play faves. It's so hard to find new, excellent stuff.

I've read some of foo-dog's. I know she speaks English as a second language, so it's harder for her to get every rule right. With the right beta, she'd be winning with the rest of us!

As for no mistakes in my work? Trust me, they're there. I stumble over a couple from time to time when I look back. Nothing huge, but they jump out when they didn't before.

Really? Mistakes are there? I honestly never noticed. See that is what I mean.. if they are so infrequent and not noticable then DQ should not be acceptable..

I wish I could nom some newbies that I like but again IYFG has made me very leery of even thinking of noming anyone.

It might turn her off from writing. And that I wouldn't want to see..

Oh yes, there are little typos here and there in various chapters. I've been meaning to go back through and edit them out, buuuuuuuut I'm busy and just haven't.

Depending on the new author you're talking about and what not, maybe someone should offer to beta if they don't have one. I know that some writers fly solo and don't always edit their own work all that well. It's so hard to see the mistakes when you've seen it a million times and THINK it says this really wonderful, perfectly grammatically correct thing when it has a couple goofs.

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