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Furious Sess
I am so angry about this. I don't care how many times someone tells this clown they don't want his books, this is NOT the answer! HERE is the article about his solution to whittle down his book collection. What a stupid fucking thing to do to a wonderful medium.

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What about Libraries?? Literarcy Agencies for Adults and Youths?? Schools? Hospitals? People who go to visit the Sick and Infirmed who don't have family to visit them so they can read to them??!! Hell what about Fund Raisers? What about Nursing Homes? YMCA? YWCA?

That all this Loser wants is Money..

That is Truly Very sickening!! a good excuse for fun?

How about this Loser take paper and using a marker make flyers saying he has tons of books to GIVE away. All I can think about is all the trees slaughtered for this Butt Kisser and Donkey Danglie Licker - what about all the people in the Low Income-Special Aide Housing?? People who can't even dream to afford books? What about People/Places out of State that isn't a far drive?

Heck.... why can't he just put the books out in the front yard with a sign saying free books.

I'm with you.. I'm disgusted!!

You know, I don't think this guy was thinking at all, and is just stupid. There are people asking for books all the damn time, so it's stupid to just go and burn a bunch because it's fun. GAH. I hope he gets in serious trouble for this shit.

I hope so too!! I really do! He really needs some serious mental help as well...

I can't believe this. I can't believe this is happening in America. Doesn't this guy know that there are people who would love to have his books. Talk about conspicuous consumption! Just 100 years ago this man would have had the hell beaten out of him by many of his neighbors. What a fool. What a complete and total fool. I hope he never wants for a book or is told that he can't have one.

damn fool.

I just can't imagine what makes a person do something like this, either. I mean, honestly, if it was such a big deal, give some here and there to charities, some to friends, some over the internet, to colleges, to whatever...he can't have tried all that hard to give them to people as much as he claims, or he wouldn't be burning them.

I think the moron is justlooking for attention and money. (And he is getting it.) Give em to the Redcross or to a local church for a yard sale. asshole.

he could have called me and i would have taken every last one. i just took close to 500 books from my husband's family, even though i really don't have room for them. the truth is i couldn't just sit by and watch- in some cases 100+ year old books be ruined by sitting in a dank garage or thrown away.

what a tragedy. that guy should be kicked in the nuts, since it's obvious that kicking him in the head wouldn't do any good.

good on those people who went and tried to buy as much as they could from the burn pile.

It's just stupid. I mean, there wasn't a single person ANYWHERE who would take a single book, AT ALL? I just don't buy his story. I think he wanted to just burn books to get attention. That's all he is, an attention whore.

Don't forget Money Grubber... *snorts*

["This is the funeral pyre for thought in America today," Wayne told spectators outside his bookstore as he lit the first batch of books.]

All this joker did was publicly announce his own inability to think (ie. problem-solve). Sure he's a businessman and wants to make a buck, has he never heard of eBay? And he didn't even plan the bonfire well enough to get a permit. Brilliant example of American ingenuity...NOT

(visions of Bradbury's Farenheit 451 dancing through my head right now)

Beats me why people think they should be entitled to do whatever they want, but there's sure enough of those kind running about lately. ..

grrr grrr GRRRR! hell, I'd have taken to books from him! I collect antique books... ok I collect books in general, but I'm proud of the fact that several are nearly 115 years old. And STILL in excellent condition!

I'll bet anything he didn't burn the ones he though he could get some big money for after this little stunt! A 1910 copy of anything, much less transcrips of an American Treaty could bring a significant amount. The thing is unfrotunately, sensationalism like that is what it takes to get media coverage lately. And yet he's just feeding the machine of his own demise.

The statictics on the amount of adults reading for pleasure are probably skewed by the anti-intellectual sentiment being spoon fed to our society lately. Especially to our children. I'll admit that I read more on the internet than I do from books lately, but I'd say 70-80% of my entertainment still comes from reading, even if it is fanfiction on the web. If I'd owned all the books I'd ever read... I don't think there would be room to walk in my apartment. There was a time, summer vacation when I was a kid, where I would read 2-3 books in a day... God I miss having the leisure time to DO that!

It HURTS however, to hear of books being burned, especially over something so petty! "Boo hoo, I can't sell these books!" Take a fucking loss, asshole. Maybe your prices are a bit unreasonable? Maybe you lost coustomers because you're a jerk? Dunno, last I heard, being nice to customers was kinda important.

I wonder if I can get a hold of some of those books... in 200,000 books, there ought to be a few I don't have that I'd be interested in!

I just think it's stupid. So he has a buttload of books he no longer wants and CLAIMS no one will buy. I don't believe it. I just think the whole sensationalism about it is stupid, too.

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