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MM.org Maximum Challenge Results

Well, the Maximum Challenge Results have been announced. Child of the Moon had been entered into the Drama and Songfic categories. It placed third out of forty-one entries in Drama, and did not place in Songfic. I'm pleased to have placed in one category. I was not certain how I'd do in this years contest. And, I do look forward to next year.

The results are here.

Congrats to everyone on my f-list who did well. You all deserve it!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Congrats on your Placement!! I'm so very happy for you and excited too!

Thanks. I'm excited, but a little disappointed, too. I had hoped to do better in songfic and considering last year I won the category I placed this year, it's kind of a step down, you know? But it's all good. I'm very happy that so many of my friends did so well and that my story placed in one category at all.

Oh no! Well there is always next year! I will wish for better to come with the next one!

Wow! to even place with that many entries is amazing. Congrats!

Yeah. 41 entries is a lot, and to even place is a big deal. I don't think Child of the Moon can be in any other contests, so it's essentially retired for that. Unless there's one I'm missing. . .

The new one they have going is for fics written specifically for it. I don't know if I'll try that one or not. Maybe if the inspiration strikes me...

My problem with the contest is that I know two months is not a short enough period. If I dropped my Journey chapter and brushed my other plot bunnies aside, I'd still finish it too late. I do like the themes in it, so I might make a note of them and use it later for a story--original or fanfiction, I don't know, but we'll see.

I do have an original story idea I want to write, but I'm having a hard time with research. I just had to pick an extinct disease for one character, forcing me into a "period piece" so to speak.

Thanks. And your icon is cute!

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