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Anime and More

I finished the first volume of Rurouni Kenshin. I think I'll have to re-read it to make sure I didn't miss anything, but so far it's a lot of fun. I like Kenshin a lot. He's got that double personality/mystery thing about him. On one hand he's peaceful and can be a bit clumsy and startled by various things, but on the other he can kick your ass and take your name with one hand tied behind his back if need be. It's kind of neat. And I like how he has vowed never to kill again. He's beat the hell out of people, broken a few bones, but hasn't killed anyone.  I like Kaoru, too. She's strong, a bit naive, but all around a good character and I'll be interested to see how she grows throughout the story. I'm eager to get the second volume to know more about both Sanosuke and Yahiko. We only got to meet them briefly when compared to Kenshin and Kaoru, so I haven't had a chance to totally form an opinion on either character just yet.

The art is really well done, too. There are several frames that I just stopped to look at along the way. It's got a grace to it, and it just comes off the page in a certain way that it draws you into the story even more.  And the pacing is rather nice. We get a good balance between a quiet character exchange and action scene ratio, so it's not all talking nor is it all beating the crap out of your opponent mindlessly. And the humor is adorable. Considering that Kenshin is dark, I thought that the well placed humor only added and did not take away from the story. It allowed us to see the other sides of these characters,  sometimes even under stress. And that brings me to Kenshin's favorite word that is not a word: Oro. I love the fact that right away he's asked what does that mean, which it seems means nothing.

I know I already mentioned in another entry that I liked the fact that the author, Watasuki, gave brief notes throughout the story about how he came up with the characters. Each one was insightful to how the story is told, how the characters were originally thought up, and how they might interact in the future. And it was done in such a way that it didn't seem to spoil the reader or take away from the story itself. And the humor in each note was subtle and much like the humor in the rest of the volume.

I did like the volume end special, too. While it didn't have anything to do with the actual current story as much, it was a nice look into Kenshin's character. And that section has some of my favorite frames. And of course, how can I forget the glossary at the end? It was nice to have an explanation of some terms and names, and while some of the terms like san, dono, and sensei were already familiar, it was nice to have a bit more information on them, considering the time period Kenshin is set in. I will say that it certainly makes me interested in learning more about Japanese history----well more than I already was.

Now, the only problem I have is this: HOW do I pronounce the names of the various characters? I looked up the names and couldn't find any information, and I'd like to read the manga this time and THEN watch the anime, rather than both. Anime, as wonderful as it is in so many ways, is sometimes like watching a book made into a movie. They're the same characters, it's the same setting, the plot is similar, but it seems so much of the time this or that is changed, when it really doesn't have to be. It's like the screenwriter just decided it'd be easier or better than the original for whatever reason. I think this time I'll read through the manga first and then watch the anime, soooooooo in light of that, can anyone tell me how to pronounce the names so I don't sound like an ass clown?

Speaking of how anime is much like that book to movie thing, is Ranma. Alright, I've noticed a couple differences, but why did they change the complete setting for the beach race? In the manga, it was at the beach, with each contestant carrying a melon to win Shampoo (and the Phoenix Pill for a certain someone), but in the anime it was with skiing, snowmen, and Shampoo-Phoenix Pill prize. Why? It's not really a huge deal, but it just strikes me as odd that they'd change it that drastically. Were they that afraid of melons for being sexual? Or was seeing Shampoo in a swimsuit too much? That's funny, cause we've seen her emerge from the bath tub in all her glory, so it can't be that. I dunno, it was just odd to see that they changed something that really, if you think about it, didn't need to be.

I've decided, when I get my bank statement and balance everything out, that I'll be getting Ranma manga vol. 8, Her Majesty's Dog vol. 1, and if I can afford it, Inuyasha Perfect Collection 5. We'll see. I know my birthday present to myself will be Ranma Perfect Collection 2. It's $42 bucks before shipping, so that's two months of purchases in one. I have until September, so it's not like I'm in a hurry.

In other news, I've been busy on the next chapter of Journey. I'm hoping I can get the rough write done this week and handed off to the beta. I'm also working on some sketched outlines for Forth's Fortune Cookie challenge, the InuE Tanabata challenge, and my Unleash and Inu Vs. The Fish drabbles. I do have preliminary notes on my next Songs of Faith. As you can see, busy! In the works is an original piece, too. I've decided to use Forth's Fortune Cookies for original story ideas, too, along with one that I've been doing research for awhile now on. I'd like to build up my portfolio, so hopefully this will help.

Oh, and I got my latest award from MM.org for 2nd Runner-Up in the Best Drama Category for the Second Annual Maximum Challenge Contest. You can see that one and all of my awards here. You can see the banners I've gotten from all the contests, including the new ones from the iyissekiwa contests. I'd post the banners here, but this journal entry is already long. Anyways, that's what's going on.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Mwaha! Knew it'd hook ya! The artwork in 'RK' is ZOMG wonderful! I especially love how Kenshin 'switches' to Battousai by his eyes changing shape and becoming more intense. *hophophop* Wait'll you get to the 'Jin-e incident' in the second volume as Kenshin's inner demon, so to speak, is unleashed to protect Kaoru!

Yeah, I'm a hopeless fangirl. Spank me.

'Oro' is an all-purpose 'huh?', 'what?' or 'eh?' word that has made its way into our family lexicon, much like 'keh!' and 'baka!' have. The glossary at the back of each volume has been invaluable for my fanfic writing, and Watsuki's historical/character notes are very interesting. That's the other reason why I adore 'RK' so much; it has a terrific background.

For a peek at the anime, and the awesomeness that is Kenshin as Battousai, watch these from the Jin-e arc. They'll also give you a sense of the pronunciations of the character names. Kenshin was voiced by a woman in the original Japanese to go with his deceptively delicate appearance, but like Kappei's Demon!Inuyasha, his voice deepens when he's Battousai.

Episode 7 (part 1)

Episode 7 (part 2)

Episode 7 (part 3)

Here's a posting of Episode 5 (part 1) that covers part of the Sanosuke (Zanza) battle. The little girls are anime-only, thank goodness.

You're waaay ahead of me on the writing front; I'm still trying to round up my bunnies!


sorry, i'm channeling....

Thanks. I listened to the way the names were spoken, then wrote them out phonetically so to speak. It really helps, cause I was just guessing. Incidentily,I was pretty close to most of the pronunciations. Now I want to get volume 2, but that'll probably be in August at this point.

re: Ranma anime. Didn't i tell you way back? you'll be come more and more disappointed in the anime as you read the manga. the best anime is the OAV discs (there are two). They are most true to the manga, but still not as good imho. inuyasha does a much better job of following the story in the anime - fillers and all.

ok. back under my rock now.

I like the anime, don't get me wrong, but it just seems that the people who make anime have this need to change things, just like those who change books when they make movies. It's just odd. And yes, the manga is quite a bit better over all.

I've noticed that, for the most part, Inuyasha is far better in keeping with the manga storyline. I just wonder if after the series is finally over in manga form if they'll pick up the anime again, in a second series. I have heard rumors.

i've heard rumor too, but nothing that sounds very substantial. i fear Inu may have had it's day, but who knows? we can hope.

oh! and congrats on your mm.org awards! way to go!

*facepalm again*

uh. looking at my congrats... i see you might misunderstand my icon as referencing your awards... it's not. it's at ME for forgetting to say congrats the first time...

i really need to get under that rock again fast....

Nah. I understood your congrats and the mistake that you meant to have them in that first post. I think the whole thing's funny, that's all.

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