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Another Journey chapter finished
Someone to Protect

I have finished the first draft of another chapter of Journey. I have to type it up, which will most likely happen on Tuesday, but it's written at least. I'm fairly pleased with how the majority of it turned out, and it is a bit longer than I thought it was going ot be, that's for sure. I have sixteen pages of untyped notebook work to type, plus 10 pages of already typed work. It's nice to have another chapter done, well almost done, that's for sure.

I thought I'd update everyone on that. It's something that took three days, so I'm celebrating. Now, I'm gonna go watch Belmont Stakes before I have to go to work.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I find most romance novels version of erotica to be either tame or hysterically funny. They make it too sweet and cheesy, and too much of the time, I think pull the reader out of the scene more than they actually help them visualize what is going on. That's just me, though.

5:30, eh? Yeah. I know how that feels. I should get off the computer and TRY to start my iyfic drabble before bed.

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