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Well, I Shouldn't Have, But Did Anyway

Well, I ordered my monthly purchase, even though I probably shouldn't have. Damn coupon. I got my bank statement today, and found out that I only had $21.73 in the bank. Good thing I deposited $500 bucks on Friday, eh? I just couldn't help myself, though, considering I wanted to try the manga series Nikkie suggested. Her Majesty's Dog looks very interesting, so we'll see. Of course I got another volume of Ranma, too. I'll only have 28 more of those to get to have the whole set. But hey, at least I decided I just can't afford another Inuyasha DVD set for now. Oh well. I already know what July's purchase will be, on account of the latest Inuyasha volume being released. Perhaps in August I'll get another Kenshin volume. That first volume makes me want more, after all. We shall see.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I hope you enjoy it! I know what you mean.. about shouldn't have with manga. Smacks head.. okay.. so I bought some used copies of Inuyasha.. I plan on taking them apart so I can use the pages for refernces. And I see you have the craving for Kenshin! I so loved the Groin Injury scene. The next volume is a hoot as well! I really love how he looks so feminine being his usual self then when he gets angry he looks like a man!

I'm hoping I'll enjoy Her Majesty's Dog. The cover looks good and the description sounds interesting. It's at least worth looking into.

Kenshin's entertaining so far, and it's got a lot of layers to it. I'm gonna have to re-read through the first volume, cause it's like I feel like I missed something.

That is the beauty of Kenshin.. you always find something new to it! I didn't see the Groin injury until the third time I read it.... and I missed the Oro written in his mouth the second time..

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