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Well, I Shouldn't Have, But Did Anyway

Well, I ordered my monthly purchase, even though I probably shouldn't have. Damn coupon. I got my bank statement today, and found out that I only had $21.73 in the bank. Good thing I deposited $500 bucks on Friday, eh? I just couldn't help myself, though, considering I wanted to try the manga series Nikkie suggested. Her Majesty's Dog looks very interesting, so we'll see. Of course I got another volume of Ranma, too. I'll only have 28 more of those to get to have the whole set. But hey, at least I decided I just can't afford another Inuyasha DVD set for now. Oh well. I already know what July's purchase will be, on account of the latest Inuyasha volume being released. Perhaps in August I'll get another Kenshin volume. That first volume makes me want more, after all. We shall see.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I wish I could buy so much more than I do. I limit myself to that 20 bucks, and that's that. It's hard, but I just can't afford to splurge more than that without feeling guilty or getting into trouble.

Spirited Away was my first Miyazaki film, too. I've been meaning to get more of them, but alas, am poor and no one in town carries them soooooooo I have to order online for those, too. Shipping is added into my $20 a month, so it's usually about 15-16 all said and done, and then it takes nearly a month to arrive since I get the cheapest at "Media Mail." Sigh..

If only Paris Hilton had to pay everyone in America butt loads of money for clogging the airwaves with her stupidity and her in and out of jail crap. THEN I could buy ALL the anime I want.

I'm pretty fortunate that my husband feels the way he does about the "appropriation of media." My brother feels the same way, so I often get albums I want before they're "legally" available as well as some movies. We saw The 300 at his apartment several weeks ago. I see it as more of a safetly net, so I know that I like something before I pay hard earned money for it...

That and there are a few musicians that I enjoy musically, but can't stand as human beings, so refuse to give them any money.

I prefer to hold the comic or book I'm reading in my hand, but reading fanfiction has helped me change that a bit. I've read few different manga "books" which have been DLed for me but it's not quite the same. BTW, it's also very stange to realize hubby has been reading my little fanfiction using the browser on his phone.

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