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The First Day of the Job
Hey Reader,

Well, I have survived the first day of my job. I have to say it is quite possibly the EASIEST job EVER. The description that was given to me for the job made it sound a bit complicated. What it should have really said  is this: Putting packets together for nine hours straight save a couple ten minute breaks and a half an hour to hour lunch. Seriously. All they had to say when I asked what I would be doing is that. I would have gotten it.

It's incredibly BORING. Sooooooooooo boring. The good news is, the more boring the job is, the more my mind wanders and the more my mind wanders, the more story ideas flutter about in my mind. I just can't believe I'm getting paid $8 an hour to do this. It's ridiculous, but I'm not going to complain. It could NOT be any easier. Boring, dull, mind numbing, yes, but easy and when I get home, my time is MY time. I don't have to read some stupid book I hate, I don't have to write a paper, I can work on my story and read other stories.

What's really stupid is I was told I had to dress up for this job and when I got there everyone else was in t-shirts and jeans and tennies. I am thrilled. I get to wear a Stones shirt and some comfy jeans and my good tennies. I HATE dress shoes. They make my back hurt and they're terribly uncomfortable, and I think people in hell are forced to wear them. Same goes for panty hose. All I gotta say is I'm happy I won't have to be all fancy while I do the most boring job in the world.

The only thing that sucks about it? The endless paper cuts. Other than that, it's not all that bad. I just hope I don't die of boredom. . .guess who's going to bring a little notebook for the break periods to jot ideas down?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Hi Fae,

OOOooo! Ice cream for lunch, huh? Sounds like you'll be just fine. Just remember to lift with you're legs, not your back, and only lift light things above your shoulders. We had ergonomic training at work and there really are quite a few things to look out for to reduce the chance of hurting yourself. Whoever told you to "dress up" for this job was an idiot! If you are moving and lifting boxes, jeans and tennies are the right thing. And be careful if you're going to be eating ice cream every day. Everything in moderation, or we'll have to send Inu-kun to chase you around with a willow switch to work it off! Have fun!


I'm pretty prepared for the lifting. The boxes weigh at least ten times less than ALL of the garbages I lifted in my college food service job. They're nothing to me. I had instant ramen today(I prefer the kind in the package as opposed to the cup, but that'd take too long to cook and eat in my lunch period), and some milk. And yeah, I dressed comfy today. I was in my customary all black(I'm not depressed or a goth), black jeans, black Stones T-shirt with the flame tongue on it, and my tennies. It was a lot better. I still thought it was silly to be told to dress up. And send Inu, I'd just put him to work. He could do ALL the lifting and opening the boxes without a box cutter and all that good stuff. AND he could do it FAST.

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