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(no subject)

I think I might be getting the hang of this. After spending all evening playing with the way it looks, I think I finally like it and will leave it this way for awhile.

I hope that this place will be a good way to connect with other fanfic and general writers. It seems like a nice place so far.

So far I've updated the way the page looks, but I have also provided links to all the sites that I post at, save Anime Spiral, which seems to be having issues as of late. You can find my Inuyasha story The Journey to the City of Endless Night at Adult Fan, deviantART, and MediaMiner, while you can find my original short piece Bleeding Through at Adult Fan and Media Miner. If you do check either story out, do leave a review! I'd be happy to hear what you think.

I also will in the future be using this journal as a way to communicate with my readers, so do check it often! I'll be giving review responses, as well as updates about when the story will be updated, ect.

Other than that, there's not much to say tonight. I'm still working on the next installment, mainly waiting for my beta to tell me what she thinks. We'll see and hopefully I'll have that next chapter posted soon.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes