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Sent to the Beta
Someone to Protect

Well, my Journey chapter has been sent off to my beta. It is 19 pages long, and 8,000 words, which is a bit longer than I had expected it to be, but I'm satisfied with it (for the most part). It's Sess/Rin centric, so that's always a treat for me. As soon as I can get it back from the beta and edited a final time, I'll post it. I hope that this will happen sometime this weekend, but we shall see.

The next thing I intend on doing is writing another installment to Songs of Faith and Devotion. I will be writing a songfic centered around the Depeche Mode song "Home" this time, and with Rin's POV. The stories won't really have a "connection" to one another, so it's not necessary to read Shake the Disease to understand Home when it's finished. It'll probably be awhile, though!

While I'm working on that, I'll be plotting the next chapter of Journey, some drabbles, and maybe doing a couple Games requests. We'll see. I also would like to tackle some original writing projects I have made some notes for here and there.

Other than that, I hope you'll enjoy the next chapter of Journey.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Yay. I hope that yay will hold once you've read it. I'm iffy on about half of it, not sure if it's good enough, but it's the BEST I could do, I think.

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