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(no subject)
Manga Rin and Butterfly

Well, I only have four more days to go at work. I managed to get a day off yesterday, so I did have a breather. I also get four days off next week, which will give me a chance to catch my breath and maybe get something done one some other things. Like my resume. Or my messy room. Or washing my car. We shall see.

Unfortunately, because I spent the  last half of the month working almost non stop, I don't have time to get forthright's Fortune Cookie Drabble challenge finished. I will still write them, but I won't have any time to get them done by deadline time. Sigh. And I was looking forward to doing it, too. Oh well.

I WILL, however, get my Tanabata challenge lemon done by the 7th of July one way or another. I am determined. I have a pairing in mind (like anyone who follows my journal needs to EVEN guess what that might be. . .), and a sketchy scenererio in my mind. I just  mostly have to get it down onto the page sometime.

I was going to get working on my next Songs of Faith and Devotion song fic, but with as busy as I've been, that just has not happened, unfortunately. I am hoping that with my time off I will be able to get it off the ground and underway. I know some people would like to see it. (waves at paynesgrey). In the meantime, I've started the next Journey chapter, and oddly, Miroku is being nice. He's actually working with me, and I have about five handwritten pages thus far. Usually I have to beat him into submission before he actually cooperates. I won't complain.

In other news, I treated myself for working so much the past two weeks, and bought myself Rurouni Kenshin volume 2, Her Majesty's Dog volume 2, and Ranma volume 9. I figure it's only fair after all the crap I've had to deal with lately. I can't wait for them to arrive, and then I can actually read more Kenshin to find out what happens next. And with Her Majesty's Dog, what can I say, the kisses are pretty damn hot. I also will need Ranma to cheer me up and give me laughs, I'm sure.

Anyways, I better go torture one nasty spider we all know and love. My FIRST Naraku POV, ever, guys. I'm kinda nervous.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes