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IYFG Nominations 2nd Quarter 2007

The IYFG nominations are underway, and if you're wondering what I have eligible, you can check this post out here. I'd like to thank amara_anon for recommending the Colorful Thank-You. I wish everyone luck in this upcoming quarter.

Far Away Eyes

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Good luck to you! I hadn't even thought about it since I've been out of town. I'll have to go through my list and see what's eligible.

Considering I haven't had a single nomination and we've had noms going for over twenty four hours, I'm not holding my breath. . .Oh well.

Well, by now you know you have nominations. It's taking forever for them to come through. I know mine took at least a full day.

Good luck to you!

I don't know why it's taking forever for approval of noms, but it's like we're just not getting many, although I will say we've had only one DQ notice that I'm aware of this go round.

I just hope that some of my other drabbles and the Games makes it in. We'll see, I guess.

I nominated in every category but Crossover. There just aren't any crossovers in the time frame that are good enough from what I saw.

I just don't read enough any more to have much to choose from, and some of the ones I liked were already nominated in various categories, so I'll wait and second.

Yours is the only crossover I can get into, though I can understand you not wanting to be nominated in that category any more.

I spent all day yesterday looking through various stories I had read and then put a nom list together. A few were some I hadn't read by took the time to read them anyways. A lot came from the drabble challenges, since I had already read those, or like Feni's Time Lapse, which I have yet to finish still.

As for crossover, I don't read many myself, because for whatever reason, people have this NEED to pair up an Inuyasha character with a character from the series they're crossing with. Blech. It just doesn't work for me, and the couple I glanced had the ol' grammar problems that would get it DQed even if it wasn't too, too, too bad of a story. Sigh.

Normally I fav things I come across so I can find them again, but when I looked through them, nothing really came up. I guess I was reading even less than usual - at least fanfiction. Instead, I was reading books.

BTW, if you have a few minutes, I posted an original oneshot in my journal this morning. I'm sure most won't read it because it's not InuYasha, but it is for the mini-contents at mm.org that ends this month. I'll post it to my other account when I load it to mediaminer since I dont' want to get blasted by those disappointed it's not from the InuYasha fandom. It's not very long - less than 2000 words. here's the link if you have time: No Tears for the Dead

I really should do that, but then I forget and then have to go back and tally things later on. Oh well.

I'll read it sometime soon, before I have to go back to work. . .

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