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Please Don't Hate Me
Hey Reader,

Please don't hate me. I haven't gotten ANY writing done today, at ALL. I watched Rock Star Supernova tonight, and  Inuyasha of course. Between that and all the stuff I did when I got home, I just didn't get the chance to actually WRITE like I would have liked to do. I'm also trying to figure out exactly tie up this chapter so that it will be finished. We'll see how things come.

As for the Inuyasha episode, I almost broke out into giggles when that huge bird said that Naraku was in her "belly." All I could think of was Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. If I could draw, I'd draw a picture of Naraku's very, VERY surprised face as that bird says "Get in my BELLY." Unfortunately, I can't draw worth a damn. It still makes me laugh, though.

I think I need sleep. Oh, and Inu Hanyou Nikkie, in response to your review saying you could post a picture about Inuyasha and horses, please do. I'd love to see it.

With that, I'm out. I must get sleep otherwise I will fall asleep putting those packets together. Yeah.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I forgot to mention, ending that way would be the fastest way to have us all hunt you down. :o)

We'll be patient. You'll get it finished when you get it finished. We'll just enjoy it that much more.

I absolutely adore her reviews and can't wait to see another one. I did get a new one at Media today, although it wasn't one of hers. It was a welcome surprise when I read it, after a long, long boring day at work. I DID get the rest of the chapter plotted in my head, though. Yay for that.

So you guys will really hunt me down, huh, if I don't finish it?

Well, yeah. For now you have not just the story, but you have free ice cream!!

And check out the picture that IHN just put in her journal for you. LOL

Yes, yes I do have free ice cream, but the machine was empty today. Sigh.

I saw the picture. It's cute!

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