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Please Don't Hate Me
Hey Reader,

Please don't hate me. I haven't gotten ANY writing done today, at ALL. I watched Rock Star Supernova tonight, and  Inuyasha of course. Between that and all the stuff I did when I got home, I just didn't get the chance to actually WRITE like I would have liked to do. I'm also trying to figure out exactly tie up this chapter so that it will be finished. We'll see how things come.

As for the Inuyasha episode, I almost broke out into giggles when that huge bird said that Naraku was in her "belly." All I could think of was Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. If I could draw, I'd draw a picture of Naraku's very, VERY surprised face as that bird says "Get in my BELLY." Unfortunately, I can't draw worth a damn. It still makes me laugh, though.

I think I need sleep. Oh, and Inu Hanyou Nikkie, in response to your review saying you could post a picture about Inuyasha and horses, please do. I'd love to see it.

With that, I'm out. I must get sleep otherwise I will fall asleep putting those packets together. Yeah.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I think that would have to be Jaken, or else Ginta and Hakaku since they're usually the comic relief (come to think of it, maybe Kouga could be Dr. Evil...).

sorry, my mind is all over the place. I'm really tired.

And I can't believe they let the machine run out of ice cream! I hope they fill it up more than once a week!

Ummm... I don't think Kouga is clever enough to be a Dr of much... Maybe a confused Philosopher... or an expert in 'De'-Nile ...lol... I think I'll join you in having a mind wander... I took my cat for a walk recently.. he is so proud when he walks!! His tail goes straight to the vertical and he barks... Then on the way home he Heel'ed on his own!! I am glad there is still more to the story..

I can't even imagine trying to walk a cat. Think I'll stick to the chows (though they can act more like cats than dogs sometimes).

When some of our cats were a bit younger, they would walk with my mom as she walked the dog. Our youngest cat, just out of kitten hood, hasn't really gotten into that. They found the dog on a string game to be highly amusing, though.

What kind of kitty do you have? My old cat is named Baby, and I call her my Puppy Dog because she follows me around the house like one. It's funny. She's just a boring old tabby, though.

My two are Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin is the female and Hobbes is the male. He is an orange Tabby who the vet likened him to a red-head. Complete with the attitude that is cliche.. He walks on his leash. He'll actually cry to go for Walkies with me. My Dad walked him only once. They met another guy walking his dog a black Lab and Hobbes went into combat mode. The other guy had to pick up his dog and carry him away from my dad and Hobbes. And that is why he'll never walk Hobbes again..

I guess they let it run out so they can change the flavor, or so I've been told. I'd like to have a new flavor. Chocolate covered Raspberry or what ever it is was good, but I want a new one to taste. Yeah. And hopefully I won't be suffering from the heat tomorrow that I can actually eat MORE than a bag of Cheetos and a Lemon Ice thing. That was all I had today, until super. I do have a cup of instant ramen in my purse(My purse is huge on the inside, really), so I may decide to eat that for lunch. I'll probably have to make a stock up on instant foods to bring for the lunch period.

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