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Ranma...Or How to Beat Off Naraku

Well, I've been fighting back against Naraku all day. HE wants his OWN little songfic collection, the greedy bastard. I do have a title picked out, and the first song chosen The title is Into the Void and the first song will be Mr. Self Destruct. It's appropriate, trust me. And I'd like to thank metsukikaraten for encouraging the sneaky spider bastard. She helped feed his incessant whispering.  Who knew doing a simple, less than three hundred words drabble featuring our spider would turn loose his power as a muse? Sigh. And I wanted to do another Songs of Faith next, too. Rin's tough, you know. I bet she could beat him off if need be.

And of course, those of you who know me, know I write with music. Inuyasha's favorite band happens to be Nine Inch Nails. Guess what fave band Naraku chose. Yep. You got it. Nine Inch Nails. I swear to god, those boys either need to learn how to share, or one has to be the better of the two and just give up something. WHY does Naraku HAVE to HAVE everything Inu HAS? WHY?

Soo, how did I beat back Naraku? I'm gonna say Ranma did it. I watched the rest of my DVD set, now that I got the full color working on my DVD player figured out. I thought something was wrong with my TV, cause all the colors were so washed out and I could barely make out the characters on the screen. I monked around with the Picture Mode on my DVD player, and hit the option "color mild" and BAM, Ranma burst off the TV screen the way he was meant to. I didn't like Ghost!Ranma to tell you the truth. Now I have to wait for my birthday to get the next set of DVDs.

I do have the manga to keep my company at least. The more I read, the more I really find myself drawn to Ryoga and Shampoo. Ryoga is just so shy and sweet. I about died laughing when he asked Akane to come to his house to see his puppies..er I think he told her that he wanted her to "come to his puppy to hold his house" but hey, it's still cute. He's so earnest, and if I wasn't such a Ranma/Akane shipper, I can see Ryoga/Akane actually working out. Shampoo's is just delightful. It seems as much of a rival she is to Akane, she still wants to be her friend, and vice versa. It might just be me, but they seem to not be out to kill each other as much anymore and often have the same disgusted expression on their faces whenever Ranma has done something incredibly stupid beyond belief. I do feel sorry for Mousse, though. The poor thing wants Shampoo and she wants nothing to do with him. It's too funny that he turns into a duck, though. And when will Kuno figure it out that Ranma and Pig-tailed Girl are the SAME person. Sheesh. You think some people would have at least one brain cell to figure it out with. Happosai? He's a riot, too. He's just so dirty and nasty, but when he makes those moony eyes, how can you resist? Oh, and before I quit blabbing about Ranma, I must say their version of Romeo and Juliet certainly had some, ahem, twists that I did not expect. HOW many Romeos and Juliets can one play have?

Ironically, I had no idea Ranma was Naraku's weakness until today. But then I've only had him loosed in the muse barn for a few days, so he hasn't had an extreme amount of time to get strong. If I give him what he wants, I better look out. I have a funny feeling he'll be trying all sorts of nasty tricks to get me to write about him all the time. Doesn't he know that Sess and Rin are my fave? Sigh.

Anyways, I better see if I can coax him back out of the corner for a little while to finish my next drabble, for the Red challenge. I might regret it, but I KNOW his weakness now, and it isn't anything we could have ever thought!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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fantastic thing you are doing


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Well, just don't let Naraku get into those cursed Chinese springs...no telling what would happen...

You know, I don't think he liked that suggestion very much. It made him pout even more. He just knows I want to work on either Journey or another sexy Sess/Rin romp and he feels like it should be all about him...

Journey to the edge of hell,
gehenna wrapping in its spell,
Tentacle and spider weave
A nine inch tale now to perceive.
In western lands a child might shiver
As a maiden checks her bow and quiver
Beware the water hot and cold -
A tale is waiting to be told!

Ooo, a very nice poem. I don't think it's helping me with Naraku's ego, though.

I had to resist the urge to put your drabble into a poem. My muse likes hit and run poems....I tell it, We don't like Naraku, but it just smirks at me...

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