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A Great Find....OR Why My Chapter Isn't Done Yet

Sigh. I've been fighting ALL day with the end of this latest chapter. I'm pretty fed up to say the least. It's irritating as hell. I KNOW what I want to have happen and a general idea of how it should, but it won't come out on the page, and what little I do get to work out I'm still not sure I like. It's frustrating. I work tomorrow, and have a family event on Friday so I don't know when I'll get to finish it if I don't get it wrestled to the ground tonight. And the monk had been sooooo nice up until now. That's it, I'm blaming Naraku.

Now, onto the great find. I have finally found a clip of Child of the Moon, for those of you who would like to hear the song that inspired my story. It's full length. Here's where it gets even better. It's a RARE promo video for the song from back in 1967. Seriously. It's really a video made by the Stones back then. It makes little sense, has nothing much to really do with the song unless you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly stretch or take drugs, I suppose, and is a bunch of what I call "Significant Soap Opera" looks, but damn am I ever giddy to have found it. NOW I am on the hunt for an actual hardcopy of that video. I MUST have it for my collection. I should scare you folks some day with the wealth of my Stones collection alone, but I still have to sit down and make time to catalogue it for my bootleg dealer. Anyways, here it is. I promise, it's a great song...the video? Turn your head sideways. It might make more sense.

And while I'm talking about DVDs and music and all that, I TRIED watching Ranma in English Dub last night. Blech. WHAT were they thinking. The voices weren't totally awful, but Ryoga sounded far too feminine, Akane didn't sound right AT ALL, and the blatant missprounciation of several characters' names nearly killed me. I hated how they said Ryoga's name the most, though. It just totally sounded damn wrong. And the comic delivery that made the Japanese dub so down right hilarious was off. Shampoo was another voice I just couldn't stand. It didn't have the same charm the Japanese voice had. And Kodachi's laughter in English was trying to do the same that it had in the Japanese but didn't work at all. It was just...well, it didn't work for me. And somehow, even P-Chan's pig squeaks sounded different. I am SO used to the Japanese version of Ranma that I just can't imagine watching it any other way, I guess. I checked it out, though, cause I know several of the cast also did Inuyasha's dub. The guy who voices Sess in English also voices Akane's dad. His voicing of Akane's dad is TOTALLY different than his voicing of Sess. You wouldn't even think it's the same guy, that's how different they are. And you can kinda hear Kikyo's voice in the voicing of Kasumi, but it's so gentle and light that Kikyo would never sound like that, even when she had been alive. It's just bizarre to me, I guess. Maybe if I had started with the dub I would feel a bit different, but that's just my opinion of the show. It just didn't sound right and it just didn't flow as well, even though all the action on the screen was exactly the same.

Ah well, I better go beat on that damn monk and see if I can finish out this chapter. Seriously. I'm THIS close and it's making me anxious. If that monk isn't careful, I'll threaten him with the dreaded "And they all died. The End."

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Dubbed Anime sucks.

I stopped watching InuYasha on Adult Swim because of that after I discovered the Japanese soundtracks.

Good luck on getting your ideas and what gets on paper to match. I hate it when it snakes like that!

I'm grateful to dubbed anime, despite its faults. If I hadn't found the dubbed version of nu, I wouldn't be here. I happened to find Inu late at night on Adult Swim. I saw Sess first and went "oooo pretty...what is this" and then had to keep watching. NOW if I have a choice, though, I will watch it in Japanese instead. The voicing wasn't terrible, but the lines they wrote to make it sell more to Americans just sounded stupid, like when Inu says "this ain't no turkey dinner." He's Japanese, feudal at that, so how would he even KNOW about turkey or turkey dinners? I think the Ranma dub is far worse than the Inu one, quite frankly. But then I hear they change voices half way through the show for several key characters, including Ranma himself.

And I'll win against the monk..or I'll just kill everyone.

Oh, I know what you mean...It was Adult Swim that turned me onto IY...But if you watch it dubbed, and then watch it in Japanese, you'll be discontented.

No! Don't kill everybody! I'm still waiting to know who's been talking to InuYasha in his head....LOL....You can't kill everybody until I know that! ;)

I'm not quite sure why the dubbed animes aren't as good as the subbed. It doesn't make sense, but it just isn't as good. I like a couple voices from the dubbed Inu, like Sess's voice worked really well. The Japanese is still better, but I kinda like the smooth delivery in English.

Oh, I might have to just kill them for not being nice. Or at least one monk. He better be careful.

Oh, he can be a pain. I've wanted to thump him lately myself...

(but I sort of feel sorry for him in the manga right now...)

I think that once you have heard the right pronunciation, the highly skilled voice actors doing their thing, and the rhythm of the voice with the action that matches more closely than the English does (even cartoons have some body language indicated) it just gells better.

In Japanese, sometimes InuYasha says Kagome's name to the point it sounds like a caress...You don't hear, in English, how polite Sango is in speech to Miroku, or how Kagome addresses Shippou, often InuYasha says temee...nuances that just don't get across the language barrier.

The strangest thing I've done was watch some episodes at Daily Motion that were subtitled in French, which I can sort of read, but were in Japanese. I was recording the voice track, and it was kind of an interesting experience. I've seen some dubbed in Spanish, and that just seems just too too wrong to my Anglophone ears.....LOL...

I was just frustrated when they kept calling Ryoga "Ri oga" I was like NO. It sounds more like "Roga" to me in Japanese, just the way it rolls off the tongue in the sub. It was just off and threw me outta the story. It must be just the way that the native Japanese speakers say things that's the difference.

And yeah, I always found it odd how in the English dub Sango calls Miroku by name, when she's NEVER called him by name EVER in the manga or sub. I don't know why they did that, except they couldn't figure out how to translate that to American audiences. I think it's cause they felt a need to dumb it down for us.

How do you translate a language that has all these different forms of politeness, with male and female nuances into a language where politeness is a minimal construct? And then try to explain -chan and -kun and -sama, too?

(been playing a lot with Japanese. It's so alien in that sense to the French and English and some Latin and Italian I can do...I love it.)

I think it's easier to do that in manga than anime. In manga, you can put an index or note at the beginning of a volume that explains that, but the animes have a harder time cause they can't really put in that "explanation" bit.

Formal English has quite a bit of politness in it, it just doesn't seem to get used as much in every day life for whatever reason. I wish I could learn Japanese, but if I were to do it, I'd want a real teacher and all that. I'd be afraid I'd learn the wrong stuff and then have to relearn everything.

I play with language a lot. I have had 6 years of French, and when I was in college, even took a French lit class for fun, and had reached the point where I would dream in it sometimes, but never quite broke through into real verbal fluency, but I can still muddle through reading it. Found out I can muddle through Italian, too, between the French and the Latin I've studied.

Oh, I have a huge stack of books to study Japanese with...my biggest problem is consistancy of practice. I keep a set of flash cards around, a dictionary, and an idiom book handy, and if I just get a few things down per day, it's more than I had before. Then I listen to a lot of Japanese audio, InuYasha and whatever I can get, to get the cadence of the language, and start hearing words pop out as my vocabulary grows.

I'm not doing it horridly seriously...it's for fun. If I was serious, I'd take a class so I'd get quizzed regularly so I would study better.

Shoot, when I took latin, I cut most of the classes and just studied like the dickens before tests, and did well. LOL. Fear of tests = knowledge in the head for me.

I took three years of French in highschool and just didn't get into taking it again in college. I think it's a shame in this country that we wait until highschool to get into foreign languages, though some districts are starting to adopt it into middleschool or elementary. Younger kids usually can pick up new language much faster than when you're older. I just wish I would have had that option. I learned to read when I was five, so by the time I hit 1st grade it would have been easy to have formal English instruction alongside say Spanish.

had 2 years of french in grade school, two years of it in high school, two years of it in college plus the lit class. Also took two semesters of latin in college and one semester of spanish, but when I went for the second semester, I was taking the french lit class, and I couldn't handle both of them at the same time.

It was enough over the years to plop a whole big chunk of french into my everyday memorized language...although I wouldn't dream of speaking it to anybody, or doing any writing in it without some serious refreshing.

I've still only watched most of the Inuyasha episodes dubbed, mainly because I watched them on adult swim and haven't bought any of the episodes on DVD. And I can't get my hubby to DL them for anything; not food, not sex, not even promises of cleaning the house. He thinks refusing will "help" me give up on my little "obsession". Fool. ;-)

Anyway, I watch all the movies subbed because Inuyasha and Kagome's voices are much less irritating in Japanese. I also prefer Ranma in Japanese. Ranma is much less of a dork that way.

However, the one Anime I have to say I prefer in English is Trigun. Meryl's Japanese voice actor has such a high grating voice. And then there's the fact that a lot of the character names and dialog are actually in English, which sounds very odd to me. "Vash-uh the Stampeed-o!" So yeah, I prefer to watch Trigun in English.

Of course, now that I'm reading that manga, the anime seems kinda... Ok, so the anime was always really goofy and dumb. Not much of a change there. Never mind.

I've wanted to take Japanese for a while now, but I was never very good at learning languages. I took 6 years of French and 2 of ASL... I use the ASL all the time with my students (it's amazing how quickly pre-verbal toddlersand infants pick up sign language!) and I worked with a few Deaf people so it's come in handy often. However my French... I'll occasionally blurt out a si-vous plait, merci or "Quelle heure?" instead of "what time is it?" or I'll refer to my brother as "bete" but that's the extent.

I should have taken Spanish, considering how often I've worked with Spanish speaking women. The most I can sometimes do in Spanish is a "gracias" or "mos leche?"

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