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Journey to the City of Endless Night Updated
Far From Heaven


Wow. Chapter 70. When I started this story, I had no idea it would continue for this long or for this many chapters. It has been fun, hasn't it? We've still got awhile to go before we reach that ever elusive “City of Endless Night.” Don't worry, the ride there will be fun, I promise! There's still a lot of things that have to happen to our heroes, after all. What, don't you realize that Grolims live to throw delays into the path of our heroes to slow them down? I am just glad you're still reading the story.

I'd like to thank all of my readers for reading and reviewing. All the comments I've received have made it a little sweeter to tell this story, and let me know I'm not the only one having fun. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story! I answer every review, so be sure to always check my journal for my response.

I'd like to thank one of my readers in particular for being so kind to give me a gift certificate at KCDVD.com. I can't say thank-you enough, cause it let me get Ranma ½ Part Two! So thank-you. I need to feed my Ranma addiction. Not only did I get the second DVD set, I got a DVD of the two movies with it! I was so happy to open the package and get them. So again, thank-you.

For Those Of You From DeviantART:

Due to the new policy at DA concerning fanart/fanfiction and “underage” canon characters, such as Rin, and their prohibition on aging such characters for any reasons (especially sexually), I will no longer be posting at DA. I will also remove all of my work. I do not feel comfortable using a service that will disallow creativity, especially on such a flimsy reason. Yes, it is a terrible, disgusting thing that there is pedophilia and that children are victims of this. Yet, it is disturbing that they are going as far as to say that even if a character is aged to be an adult that it is wrong and therefore against their policies. It is not against the obscenity laws to write fiction where a character is aged to participate in adult situations. It happens in canon storylines, be they in manga, book, movie, or TV form. We have seen several characters in the past grow up on soap operas and go from the little girl/boy to a hot, steamy romance. We have seen characters in books age from childhood to adulthood and then get married, have children, and on and on. The idea that those who participate in fandom cannot do the same is lubricious and DA is going overboard on protecting children. Yes, protect children, but know that there is legitimate threats and then that there are things that are really doing no harm---and therefore NOT against the US Law. All in all, I would just like those who watched and commented on my work at DA to know that they can always come to my journal, or read my work at another site found in the sidebar. I will no longer use DA, unless they are willing to realize their new policy is quite draconian and overkill.

Onto other news, the Inuyasha Fanguild began its Seconding Period on the 26th of July. I am honored to have my stories nominated. I would like to thank doggieearlover, paynesgrey (Quirkyslayer), and inuhanyounikkie for the nominations. Here are the stories I have nominated:

Best Canon:

The Great Deceiver
by paynesgrey (quirkyslayer) seconded by inuyashaloverr

Best Darkfic:

The Day the World Went Away by

seconded by inuyashaloverr

Best Drama:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night by

Best Lemon:

Dog Demons DO Love Peanut Butter! Who Knew? by paynesgrey (quirkyslayer)

seconded by doggieearlover

Best Romance: Inu/Kag:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night by

seconded by doggieearlover

Best Romance Other (Sess/Rin in my case, big shock):

Honey Moon by

Best Serial:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night by

Best Short-Short:

Patience is NOT one of Inuyasha's Virtues by

seconded by inuyashaloverr

The Feudal Association is also accepting nominations for their current quarter until July 30th. Thank-you to paynesgrey (Quirkyslayer) for nominating my story “Shake the Disease” for Best Drama. The Journey to the City of Endless Night is not eligible this term due to winning in the last quarter. Thanks again to those who made that happen!

Well, that's all for now. Onto the individual responses:


Kate: I'm glad you liked the chapter, and Sess/Rin, of course. Interesting that your library didn't carry the series, but then again, the first book came out in 1982, and I know my library sold a portion of the series off (I should know, I bought King of the Murgos in said sale). It's possible they just had to make room for some other books, and just did not stock it again. What site did you find the book on, if I may ask?

Shaid: I've taken what little we know of Poledra and fused her into what I think of her to make the character we see in Journey. She is a wolf, no matter if she appears to be a human woman, and in that nature, is pack centered. It's why, despite the incidents surrounding Rin's death and resurrection, she's the best suited teacher for her. It's not so much for Rin that Poledra is her teacher, it's to pacify Sess. Imagine if Polgara or Belgarath were her teachers instead? Sesshomaru would be very put off by Polgara's style and would not tolerate it for very long. Belgarath would be in trouble for his gender, and because he, due to his age, could quite frankly give one rip about Sesshomaru's ego problems. Either problem would severely hinder Rin's ability to learn the skills she MUST learn. Belgarath is perhaps the worlds BEST teacher, but not when you thrown in one over protective dog demon who has a high emotional attachment to the student---and a long with it, a short fuse when it comes to any perceived or otherwise threat to said student. Sesshomaru had enough trouble with Poledra hugging Rin, but tolerated it. I don't think the same could have been said for Polgara or Belgarath. Poledra knows how pack law works best, so can help Sess cope a bit better. I have to include Inuyasha in some of the lessons, hence why he got the invite this time. There will be some skills Rin will need to learn that, well, quite frankly will need a guinea pig. Don't tell him. Besides, the trust between the brothers is growing every day. They'll still fight, argue, needle, and potentially beat the living shit out of each other from time to time, but they've really come to depend on each other. It's the fact that they're dogs and dogs are social to begin with. I also think, despite all the anger and disagreements we see in the manga/anime, the two brothers would be lost if the one suddenly disappeared. Who else could they just beat on and get a pretty good fight back? No one else can handle their intensity. And they do need each other to goad. I do hope you'll have fun re-reading!

Notgoingtowrite: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. How often do I update? Hmm, that's an interesting question. Besides working on this story, I work, and have had a few family happenings lately. I am also working on a few other stories, so that slows the updates on this one from time to time. If I focus just on this story, however, it can take about a month to a month and a half to write and post a chapter. I hope that answers your question.

New Fan: I'm glad you liked the chapter with Jaken. I hope you'll keep enjoying the story as long as I keep updating!


Knittingknots: I would say that birds will play a part in Rin's future, yes. You'll just have to wait and see! And Sess, he does have some problems with Rin growing up, doesn't he? He just can't believe she's growing up so fast, I think, and he's a bit confused about what to do. And of course Rin, just by her experiences, approaches these changes a bit differently than an ordinary teenage/pre-teen. She isn't as focused on the “me, me, me, notice ME” routine most teens suffer from. I can't say that she'll always be so aware at all times, because adolescents all seem to suffer from this syndrome to some degree, but I just don't see her being a selfish, over dramatic teenage girl who needs to be the center of attention, either. She's been too ingrained in Sesshomaru's life, and his lifestyle, to know better. He's not human, so his guidance has affected her growing up significantly. He might be a bit of a “loner” so to speak, but he's still a dog and pack-minded, and it's only natural that would rub off on Rin. As for Rin's barrier, yes, that is quite the barrier. I don't think anyone, including Rin, expected it to be that strong!

Andross: Thank-you. I'm glad you think the story is that good. I don't really know what Takahashi-san would think of it. It's fun to write it, and I enjoy the reviews I do receive. I do hope you'll continue to feel it's good.

Bookreader9999: I'm glad you like the interaction between Sess and Rin. I enjoy writing them very much and I like when others enjoy reading what I've written. I hope you'll continue to read!

Doggieearlover: Of course Jaken would lose his temper. He's got quite a short fuse as it is. The poor thing has had to put up with a lot, hasn't he? And yes, Jaken will now be doing something useful. He could really only sit around and mope so long, after all. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out with his idea, cause you're right, he doesn't have the history clouding his judgment. And I'm sure Varana will have to just get over himself, won't he? And yes, poor Sesshomaru, he just keeps getting more questions instead of answers, huh? He better get used to being pretty confused about Rin. I don't know how much his thoughts will leak to her, but yes, he should be careful indeed. Especially when she gets a bit older, eh? He might want to keep some of those, ahem, thoughts private until, well...And now that he knows Rin lied, he'll really want to know why and what is really going on. I don't think he'll be angry with her or feel that she did it on purpose. I think he'll be worried about what made her do it than anything else. And yeah, Rin's barrier is pretty kick ass, considering not even Red Tetsusaiga can break it, and you're right, Sess was highly amused by that.

litele_one: I can understand how real life can get in the way. I'm just glad you're still reading. Yes, Jaken has finally gotten his part to play in our story. The poor thing certainly has had a hard time as of late, too. And yes, it is a war, and not just some isolated bit. I'm glad you like the fact that it's written in an epic style, where we go from one character to another to get the details about what's happening. Naraku has certainly riled up a lot of people, hasn't he? Just wait, you might like Varana better later on. And Nahaz? Wellll, I'd say he certainly isn't nice, huh? It is certainly good that Sess had that time to sit with Rin and just think. I think he'd go nuts if he didn't have that going for him. He doesn't like a lot of noise and chaos. Yes, Sesshomaru has to learn how to deal with his feelings, about both past and present. And I think he's learning well. His brother might not totally recognize how big of a deal that is just yet, but he will when he can just think about it. Inuyasha has been pretty much told emphatically to butt out, and here he gets invited to the lesson. He'll figure out how big that is soon enough. As for Rin's insecurities, they won't be totally zapped by this, but it's a beginning. She will have to do some very difficult things in the future, and she must become comfortable with who and what she is. She's still taking it much better than Garion ever did when he first became a sorcerer. That boy took MONTHS to even try learning from someone who knew what they were doing. And yes, poor Sess. He was sooo jealous when Poledra hugged Rin. It was kinda funny, too, considering Poledra's female and mated, but hey, it's not going to stop him from feeling what he feels. I do think at a certain point the girls will do more things together and give Rin that chance to bond with them, as will the boys. Right now, though, Sess is so riled up and worried about leaving Rin alone for more than five minutes. I can't say I really blame him, but eventually he'll have to ease up or he'll smother the poor thing. Besides, Sess needs to expand his own social circle. Don't tell him, but he NEEDS friends----BADLY. Besides his brother, and Kagome, and Poledra (excluding Rin here, of course), he's as isolated as one can be in a large group. He's talked a few times with a few of our other characters, but if he can find a way to just stay in his own little world with Rin and the few people he'll talk to, he will. It's a shame, but we'll get him out of that bad habit, too.

Anime Spiral:

Monkinkninja: I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I hope you'll continue reading.

JohntemplarHellsing: I'm glad you're still enjoying the story. Good heavens, no. I'm not a fan of the “Dallas” ending where everything was a dream. It's silly, a waste of your time, my time, and everyone's time. Why bother writing the story if it's only going to be some dream? Don't worry, I won't do that here.

VisceraEyes77: I'm glad you're really enjoying the story enough to read through it more than once! I'm also glad you got into David Eddings. To answer your question, I've kinda tossed the Malloreon all together and set this right after the Belgariad. I picked what I liked and thought would work in my story from the Malloreon and just tried to make it fit. There is no Zandramas, there was no Seer involvement, Geran was never kidnapped, and the like. I kept things like Beldin's alter-ego Feldegast because, let's face it, I like Feldegast. I like Zakath, and rather than trying to get him up to speed to where he was when he had FINALLY agreed to do as Cyradis demanded, just not be the cold bastard he was before then. Like I said, I took a bit here, a bit there from the Malloreon and changed it to fit what I'm doing. I find Nahaz intriguing. Bringing the Inuyasha cast along, I already had my supervillian in place. Naraku would be the root of the problem from the get go, and the group would be trying to, as they always have, stop him. This time, though, they'll have help from Belgarath, Garion, and company. I hope that helps put a stop the confusion. Cause, let's face it, I couldn't have another “Great Quest to face the Child of Dark” if the “Choice” had been made, right?

Well until next time,

Far Away Eyes

Link: AFF  MediaMiner Anime Spiral

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Oh, my, what an exciting chapter! and go leave it with such a cliffhanger. Now I'll worry what happened to everyone else, along with worrying about that demon outside the cave. I'll go back and leave a review later, after I've had a chance to reread it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was planned out, for the most part, a long time ago, so I think that's why it went rather quickly once I stat down to write it. I'll look forward to the review.

Surely like how the story's going. I see you managed to get Miroku to behave! He can be so good when he does what he is supposed to.

Surely understand your conclusions about DA. Anybody that does any serious work with adult Rin would have to think about it carefully.

Glad you liked the chapter.

I'm not entirely sure on the DA pull out now that they've kinda gone back to the older policy. I think I'll wait a bit and see what happens. For now, though, I just won't post there, that's all.

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