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Bridge Collapse In Minneapolis, Minnesota

I can't believe what I am seeing on my local news. I just can't. I live in rural Minnesota, at least three hours away from the Metro (Minneapolis/St. Paul), and had woken from a nap to find out that an entire bridge collapsed on 35W. I have crossed that bridge at least once. It's awful to see it on TV. It's awful to read the articles on the internet, and it's awful to think how many people are hurt or worse in this tragic accident.

Here is an article about the bridge collapse. I just hope that not too many people will die in this.

Far Away Eyes

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Should never had happen

I could not believe it either; sometime I still can not believe how that bridge just give away, but you must forgive me for what I am about to say, but I am not surprise that it did happen and I will tell you why.

I come from Connectict, and in 1983 an area of bridge collapse on the Connecticut Turnpike (Interstate 95)over the Mianus River in Greenwich. That was one of the first disasters that involved a bridge collapsing and our Federal Govt. did little to nothing to prevent this current tradgey.

I feel real sorry for the families who has lost a love one or are waiting to hear about their missing love ones. I think we as a nation needs to be on the backs of our Congressmen demanding why it had to take something of this magitude for them to do something about it. We should demand that OUR tax dollars that is going overseas to fund a senseless war needs to come back home to fix our infracture. If we as a nation do not demand change immediately then what just happen in Minnesota will be nothing when the next disaster strikes and we only have ourselves to blame.

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