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That's it. I'm not making any more plans for my days off anymore. Why you ask? Because it seems whenever I HAVE plans (be important things like working on my resume or whatever to just wanting to relax or visit a friend I haven't in awhile) somehow the ShopKo KNOWS through some psychic means that I would like to keep my day off and DO what I would LIKE to do instead and therefore calls me into work. Lo and behold, today is such a day. I was going to relax after working from 4 AM to 1PM yesterday (I am still rather tired, thank-you), only to get woke up at 9:30 this morning and asked "Can you please come in and backstock our apparel stuff today?"

Now, I'm not really upset about working, considering I'll only have about 20 odd hours this week, but I must say that I'd rather have 4 or 5 days where I work a good 7-9 hours a shift than have these piddly shifts EVERY DAY where I am always gearing up to go in because I'm not nearing the magic number of 40 and can't go over it in hours. Considering that I already work tomorrow, it's just like I would like to have a breather, but no. At least it's on MY time and MY will. They told me come in when I want and stay as long as I want, so I shall do that. It really shouldn't take me long to backstock most of the stuff, but again, I'm left with the burning question as to why no one else seems to know how to do this most mundane of tasks. It's NOT hard, after all. You go into the backstock menu on the ol' scanner, you scan the item, you put it on a shelf, you scan the shelf's sticker. Voila, it's located. Everyone's happy. I suppose it's job security, but you know, I still have this dream of going to a job that is in my field and doing something I somewhat, kinda, actually, oh I don't know, LIKE doing. Ah well. Someday, eh?

What also baffles me, though, is when we get a truck, and everything has been worked to the floor and what doesn't fit is in the back, the general merchandising people cannot leave until they backstock that. Apparel? They tend to either have to call ME in or just leave it sit for WEEKS. Like, umm, why don't the apparel people work a bit of the stuff, backstock what didn't fit, work some more stuff, backstock a bit more, etc.? Is that because it might, oh I don't know, MAKE SENSE? I'm just amazed by it all, I guess.

Speaking of that, perhaps I'll get to work on that resume Sunday? I'm off Sunday...right? I mean, just because I get there this afternoon and decide to backstock for only three or four hours at most doesn't mean they won't wheedle me into staying till only God knows when. Trust me, it can happen. I will be astounded if it doesn't, actually.

Actually, you know what, I probably won't work on the resume today even if I get home early, or if I am off on Sunday. I will, when I get home today, ORDER a book on resume writing that will allow me to fix, on my own to the best of my ability, the mess that is my resume. Then I will send it to the career services people and let them help me again. Maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get a decent enough resume to actually APPLY to jobs in my field.

I might actually get unlazy tonight, after warming up on the Happiness drabble, to work on a bit of the next Journey chapter, and gasp, an original story I've got a bit mapped out. I need to research stuff. Does anyone have any information about small pox, say around the turn of the century, mostly about how people were treated/quarantined? I only ask because it's part of the story, but not really the actual plot. I'd HATE to write a story that is all factually wrong. How embarrassing, you know?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes aka Backstock Girl
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