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A Lazy Wednesday


I've been left behind to take care of the house while the parents go up to the Cities for medical reasons. Things sound like they're going well.

I also hope to get some writing done on the next chapter of Journey. I'm currently on page nine, with a couple handwritten. Hopefully, I can get it finished before you all totally forget about me!

I have put forth a couple nominations at the IYFG. I did not read this much this quarter, so I am uncertain what to all nominate. I think I'll stick with the few I posted and wait to second at this point. Incidentally, I have yet to be nominated (Nudge, nudge). Oh well. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, I guess. Besides a chapter for Journey in July, and a slew of drabbles, I haven't been as productive this quarter.

Anyways, I better go beat on Shippo. I've already been accused of abandoning the story once this week. I haven't. It's just been busy and I couldn't have picked a more obnoxious character to work with.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes
Tags: ifyg, journey, medical stuff
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