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A Lazy Wednesday
Manga Rin and Butterfly

I've been left behind to take care of the house while the parents go up to the Cities for medical reasons. Things sound like they're going well.

I also hope to get some writing done on the next chapter of Journey. I'm currently on page nine, with a couple handwritten. Hopefully, I can get it finished before you all totally forget about me!

I have put forth a couple nominations at the IYFG. I did not read this much this quarter, so I am uncertain what to all nominate. I think I'll stick with the few I posted and wait to second at this point. Incidentally, I have yet to be nominated (Nudge, nudge). Oh well. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, I guess. Besides a chapter for Journey in July, and a slew of drabbles, I haven't been as productive this quarter.

Anyways, I better go beat on Shippo. I've already been accused of abandoning the story once this week. I haven't. It's just been busy and I couldn't have picked a more obnoxious character to work with.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Here's the post about what is eligible: http://farawayeyes4.livejournal.com/67473.html

I've been doing nothing but work really as of late. I really don't want to work today and tomorrow, but at least I had two whole days without work calling or anything, so it's nice. And I have Saturday off, no matter what emergency they can cook up. Dad and Mom get home tomorrow from the surgery, hopefully, so I'd like to spend Saturday with them. Anything that comes up at ol' ShopKo is THEIR problem, not mine.

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