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A New Chapter of Journey Posted

Well, I finally wrestled that little boy down, and the chapter is now posted. It sure took awhile, but I do hope that it is worth the wait. Shippo had a lot to do, so it turned out a bit longer than I had expected it to be. I'd say that's not a bad thing. I do have a portion of the next chapter very roughly mapped out. Given that I work in retail, however, I'm not entirely sure how quickly it'll get written considering that we are entering the Christmas season. We shall see.

The Inuyasha Fanguild will begin seconding soon (November 1st). Journey is on the ballot for Best Drama and Best Characterization (Sesshomaru). I'd like to thank doggieearlover for the nominations.

Well, onto the review responses:


notgoingtowrite: I'm glad you enjoyed the last chapter. It was a fun one to write.

shaid: I'm glad you noticed that Miroku's transformation into his Sess demeanor disturbed Sango. You're right. It would upset her because he doesn't hide his emotions and in this instance, he did. She didn't know what was going on in his mind, and she's used to knowing his thoughts or emotions. I also think it'd upset her to see him behave in such a manner, mainly because it is opposite of his usual personality. Miroku may be calm and even keeled, but he spends a lot of his time being cheerful. It's not cheerful in a naive or over the top manner, and to see that totally disappear had to freak her out. As for leaving them for several updates? I think you've figured it out by now, eh?

WTW: Glad you liked the chapter, and I do hope the wait was worth it!

adeaneri: Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Kate: Oo, fireworks. That could be dangerous, but fun. I feel bad for poor Silk, too. His day isn't going to get much better when we do return to their situation. Poor thing. Hope you'll keep reading!


KnittingKnots: I'm glad you liked the chapter. I figured that Miroku would not approve of Grolim faith practices. Up until that chapter, we really hadn't had as detailed portrayal of the way they sacrifice others, and I figured that Miroku would be the best one to explore it with. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha wouldn't sit through it. They'd just blow the place to bits and call it good. As for Nahaz, well, it's not unusual that he'd be betraying Naraku. he's an original David Eddings character in the Malloreon, and a Demon Lord from Hell itself. Letting himself become an incarnation is one way for him to get closer to the Orb of Aldur, the very thing he wants even if its scares the crap out of him at the same time. I don't think, though, that he'd have much luck prying it away from the Godslayer, Garion. He seems to be capable of defending the thing if need be.

Bookreader9999: Glad you like how the story is turning out. I hope you'll keep reading!

NewFan: Glad you liked the chapter. As for who the Child of Light is, be patient.You'll see!

joyrid3: I'm glad you enjoy the story. I'd have to disagree with the "out of character" Sesshomaru, though. I've thrown him into a very difficult situation, and although he's been very open in expressing his feelings for Rin, the majority of those scenes are in private. He's also very scared, regardless if he'd like to admit it or not. He's also a dog, and dogs are very scent orientated beings. He's making sure everyone with a strong enough nose KNOWS that Rin is his and his alone. He's also facing his greatest challenge: Rin isn't just a little human girl anymore. She's a sorceress, and he still is trying to wrap his brain around that without it exploding. He's getting better, but that doesn't mean it doesn't scare the crap out of him now and again. Sometimes, he just has to reassure himself that she's really the little girl he knows and loves, even if she could probably turn him into a toad if she wanted to. Suddenly, he's not the most powerful figure in the relationship, either. The balance is slowly starting to even out, but he's gonna still be freaked out as we go along. I've really had to bend his arm behind his back a few times on things, but it's turned out, I'd like to think. I do hope that you'll continue to read and review!

Lannie: I'm glad you're enjoying the story, even though it is really, really long. Technically, I should have broken it into "books" but I never dreamed it'd be this monster. I'm thrilled that you enjoy the Rin and Sesshomaru interactions. I think that Sesshomaru acts the way he does for several reasons in the series. Part of it is his breeding, his temperament, and his upbringing. I think the other part is the fact that he has a little toadie (literally) that does nothing but remind him that he's some big bad ass Demon Lord every five seconds. It's hard to be yourself when Jaken's always kissing your ass. I think if he could spend some time with Rin, alone, he'd act as he does in my story, at least somewhat. Then, I've also turned his world upside down with making her a sorceress. The poor thing is so confused and just wants to have a normal, human little girl again, I think. I'm sure that he'll eventually get used to it, but there will always be a part of his mind that tugs at him about what she was once like. I also aged her to that time when she's on that borderline of not being a child but not quite being a woman. He's male, so he has NO clue what to do with a budding young woman. It's a wonder he hasn't gone mad, huh? I do hope you'll continue enjoying these elements, though, and keep reading and reviewing!

tiber360: I'm glad you found the story back. I know AFF was giving me fits for months, too. Hope you'll enjoy it!

phoenixavatar: Oh dear. I haven't abandoned the story, not by a long shot. It just took awhile to get this chapter where I wanted it. Between work and other real life concerns, it's been difficult finding time to write, too. I'm glad you love the Sess/Rin relationship. Keep reading, we've got a long way to go!

Charles Watford, Jr: Ah, so you're interested in reading the Belgariad/Malloreon series. The order is this: Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardy, Enchanter's End Game; Malloreon: Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda, Sorceress of Darshiva, Seeress of Kell, and the two prologues Belgarath the Sorcerer, Polgara the Sorceress. Happy reading there, and I hope you'll continue to read the story!

Ethereal Siren: I'm glad you're enjoying the story and took the time to review. I do hope that nasty ad won't eat another one, though. And yes, Sesshomaru is slowly getting a sense of humor, isn't he? Poor Inuyasha. Hope you're ready for another update, though!

Anime Spiral:

xipe totec: I'm glad you're enjoying the story! Keep reading!

InunKags: Glad you're enjoying the story!

Well, that's all for now. Until next time!

Links: AFF, MediaMiner, Anime Spiral

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I liked it. You did good. You lettin' Sessh get mellow?

What makes you think I'm letting Sess get mellow???

Glad you liked it.

He was just soooo...Sessh style nice to Shippou....LOL

He was nice? He told the kid he was an ingrate, ill-mannered, soft, and unskilled. How was THAT nice? Oh, and then he made him set up his own tent ALONE and has subscribed him in Polgara's tenure for scullery boy. That's not nice, lmao. He'll be washing dishes for her well into his adult hood. She's been looking for a boy like him for a LONG time. LONG time. Ever since Garion became a king, basically. Eriond did it for awhile, but he's not with them on this trip, so yeah. . .LONG time. Poor Shippo.

It was his willingness to take him on as a charge. Sessh agree to add someone who needs to be nurtured, even if it is in bootcamp style?

I liked it.

Shippou needs to be reminded of just those things.

Raising boys has taught me those things Sessh did aren't necessarily bad things to do, btw....

I haven't been complained at for Sess being too mean. Ironically, when Inu told Shippo that he WAS the boy's father, I did.

Sess is Mr. No-Nonsense. He isn't going to take Shippo's crap, nor is he going to take any bait the kid might toss to rile him. Shippo acts up to get Sess's goat, he'll find himself learning nothing and ignored. Sess is a dog, and if you know anything about dogs, the LEADER will ignore the subordinate if they're acting in a manner the leader doesn't like. . .that or they'll just beat them into the ground and remind them who's leader. I don't think Shippo's going to like his crash course, but he'll certainly grow up some.

And I don't think Sess nurtures anyone but Rin.

You got bootcamp right, though. That boy will discover muscles he doesn't even know he has by the time this over---but he'll have better manners and a healthy respect for people, that's for sure.

I have to say, I am astounded that people liked this chapter so much. I thought, "oh god, it's been so long, I left Miroku and Silk in such a pickle, they'll pissed at me that I'm going with Shippo." Instead, I've gotten like 10+ reviews in less than a day of posting, all more than the simple "update soon." Go figure. I just didn't think people would like it, though I did. It seems the ones I think people will like don't do as well and the ones I don't think will do well do just that. Wonder why. . .

And that's how boys need to be nurtured, at least in part. Which is why boys need strong male figures, either as father or teacher.

It rings true, Sessh's demands and Shippou's response, and no doubt that truth you touched is part of the response package!

Really? I'm glad I hit some truth on little boys, as I don't have one and I was never one. I just know that Shippo has been in idle as a character as long as he's been in the series. No one has been able to sit down and help him grow up---and I do blame Kagome partially. She sees a cute furball of a boy and is too young to really realize that he thinks of her as a mother to know any better. And she falls for Shippo's games almost every time so that Inuyasha's the one punished instead. All Inu's been trying to do since Shippo arrived is instruct the brat. He knows the boy is alone without him, and he'd like to give the boy a chance to grow up stronger and with someone helping---something he didn't have, but all of his efforts get him into trouble.

I paired Shippo with Sess because of their full demon blood, but also because Kagome doesn't have the same power over Sess to make him stop teaching the boy discipline as she does Inuyasha. Inuyasha will have an easier time being a father if he can act like one without having to have Kagome hovering over him, and Sess will take a lot of that pressure off.

And now that Polgara has a hold on Shippo, that boy is going to be raised RIGHT. She's only raised about a thousand boys, so she KNOWS what she's doing. She'll invent chores not even Sess has heard of for Shippo to do. And Garion will be both laughing at and sympathizing with the boy. He WAS that boy, after all.

It'll be hard to judge who's harder to raise, though. Garion or Shippo? Garion was a handful when he was a boy. He had this nasty tendency to get in fights when they started seeking the Orb. He didn't get that running bit down all that well, and I do recall Polgara having to yell at him about it several times. Shippo's been spoiled, though, so there are going to be a TON of bad habits to break. Even though Shippo behaved fairly well after Sess's intervention, I don't think he'll completely stop whining over night. He'll just have NEW things to whine about---like how he hates hauling water and washing dishes and packing other people's things and---well you get the idea.

He wouldn't be a boy if he didn't!

You read Tom Sawyer lately?

Not lately, no. But boys are always in trouble, yes. That doesn't seem to change when they become men, though.

They often get into less trouble. The good ones just get smarter about how they play...but the cost of their toys skyrocket....but then, so have the cost of mine!

Thank You!

Thank you very much for the book names and orders! :) I just love your story. I pray it's this wonderful through to the end. Again, thank you and good luck on the other chapters. Hope you don't get swamped at work. :P

Glad you liked it, and you're welcome. Now, I just have to get into the next chapter mode. . .

I read the chapter at anime spiral without taking note of the title. I got to the end as was like what?! That was shorter than usual and I was disappointed. Then I noticed you could click next and caught site of the part 2 in the title and was like DOH!

My brain fart aside, I really liked this one.

Yeah. Anime Spiral cuts it off in the middle if you don't split it, so I split it right away to keep it all intact. Sorry it confused you!

Glad you liked it, though.

Journey fan, retiail worker, and friend(?)

I know we had those couple of conversations about crazy customers and I had my comments about Journey. But I never did get around to asking if I could add you to my friends list. I'm realativly new to LiveJournal and I think that it might be the best way to keep up with your plans to update. Sooo, Would you mind?

By the way, I see you wrestled Shippo into submission. lol Good job, great update. The difference between a great author and just a good one is....can you leave your audience craving more? Not just wanting but CRAVING more. You are a great author.

Luv, as always;

Re: Journey fan, retiail worker, and friend(?)

Go right ahead! That's fine with me.

And I'm glad you think I'm a great author. I just try to write the kind of story I'd like to read, I guess. Hope you'll continue enjoying it!

Aw, man, I missed Journey. So sorry for the non-review, dear FAE, but my fic enjoyment's been restricted by the coursework and flu bug I'm being snowed under by . . . I shall go now, now I shall go, to the hallowed halls of fanfic [aka Mediaminer] and partake of the Journey excellence! *tosses a salute* See you on the flipside, my friend . . .

I look forward to the review and good luck with the school stuff!

yay! the world just got brighter!

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