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Another Update
Manga Rin and Butterfly

Well, I think I have my whole money situation figured out---at least for now. I'm hoping to hang tight until next Friday when I get paid, and hopefully it'll be a decent enough check that I'll be able to afford two big bills so they aren't on the table right at the beginning of the month. We shall see. It took me a whole day to figure out what I wanted to do, but I'm glad I took the time.

I also have gotten some writing done, although not as much as I'd like. I do have another portion of the next chapter in place. I'm at about eight pages total thus far for it, and I still haven't finished the first scene, so we'll see if it does get split. Unfortunately, because of work or money troubles or other concerns, I haven't been able to work on my next Songs of Faith as much. I also want to start working again on my original piece, but my time is so limited lately that I don't know! My muse wants to keep going on the current stuff I'm working on, so we shall see.

I also managed to, last night, master Super Mario Bro. 2. I know, geeky and silly, but I couldn't help myself. I never really had the patience before to do it, so I went ahead and did it. It's kind of a goal to master/remaster the Mario games. Indulge me some, will ya?

Speaking of Super Mario Bros. 2, though, I think Mario did some serious drugs. The game is set in his dreams, and if you've ever played the game, you know it's kinda weird. He dreams about this world, wakes up, and finds what he did in his dream and the adventure begins. Something tells me he should have laid off the acid. Giant birds that spit eggs and fire? A giant toad that's controlling the "Subcons" world? Weird little blue or red guys walking around for no reason? I dunno. It just seems a little, shall we say, odd? I have to say of all the Mario games it's the most twisted---well of the classic, old school variety. All I know is that I've had fun finally beating it.

Oh, and I'm sure those of you out there wondering, here's my word count:

4783 / 50000 words. 10% done!

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Good girl! I'm writing tonight, as soon as I settle down a bit, but I'm not participating in the NaNo thingie.
I cut my teeth on Mario, but I haven't played it in years...I think I agree with you that Mario did some heavy-duty psychogenics. Congratulations on beating the game!

I'm not really participating in Nano, either. I'm just curious how many words I do write in a month---well this month at least.

And yeah, my first video game that I can ever remember was Super Mario 1. I happen to have a Super NES, so I can play the games from when I was a kid. It's kinda fun. Amazing how much replayability those games had compared to some of the new ones out today, you know?

Still have our NES, too! Does that date us?

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