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It's Official---
Rin over the shoulder

It's official. I am a geek. There's no bones about it. I just took this test here on Rolling Stones lyrics, and out of 50 questions, I only got two wrong. And that's from one line, mind you, and not considering the fact that excluding tonight I haven't listened to them in awhile. (How well can YOU do?) What can I say? I just happen to have a photographic memory when I want one and I happened to memorize their discography. I DO have a whole CD-Tower full to the brim of JUST Stones albums and almost ALL of my record collection happens to be theirs---right down to the first bootleg in rock history (at least if you go by the history of bootleg books and the like) Live R Than You'll Ever Be. Hey, even my manager KNOWS about my Masters in Stones history. If I don't know an answer right off the top of my head, I can bet you I'll know what book to look in to find it---followed up with a couple books that have slightly different answers on some of it. Can you say I was a weird child growing up? Other kids read normal books about things like dinosaurs and fantasy fiction and whatever kids are supposed to read. Me? I read books on the Stones history, right down to the sordid drug details and what have you. Name a decade, I bet I can give you a major timeline of the major events in chronological order. Name a song, I bet I can list the album and the track number. Favorite Stone you ask? It's not Mick. It's Keith. ALWAYS Keef. Why? Cause no matter how old he gets, no matter how ugly he becomes, the man's still as beautiful as he's always been. He's got that kind of soul I wish more people had. And hey, while Mick gets all giggly when Keith says that he loves Mick, he really means it. There's never going to be another Glimmer Twins, never going to be another songwriting duo that lasts as LONG as these two have.

If you want to blame anyone for this little diatribe, blame MSN. They HAD to have a link about how the Rolling Stones made "online" history. Besides, a week from today I saw them for the second time live. It's my journal, so I'll write about 'em if I wanna, so there! And hey, my very online name is a Stones tune!

So in Mick's honor: Just find the girl with the far away eyes

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LOL! We all have our geekdom areas! Don't get me started on history, folk lore or knitting!

I'm glad you understand. It doesn't help that my friend in New York sent me another thing about the Stones today. I should be listening to Depeche Mode for the mood on my other Songs story that I'm working on along with the next Journey chapter, but you know, sometimes you just need some good Stones.

For me, it's not the Stones, even though I grew up with them, but I know what you mean. Paint it Black, though, holds a special place in my psyche....

Hey there! Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I found Journey the other day, and devoured (the first) 71 chapters! What an awesome cross-over. :)

...I am now re-reading the Belgariad. Curse you! *fistshake*

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