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4 More Days
Puppy Pout

I have only four more days until a day off. I am so excited because it's long over due and I'll actually get a chance to NOT work for a change. Don't get me wrong, the money is nice, but daaaaaaaaaamn. A day or two off wouldn't be bad, either.

In other news, congrats to all the winners at the IYFG. While I did not win, I am glad to see a lot of my f-list do well. Thank-you to everyone who nominated, seconded, and voted for Journey. Hopefully next quarter will have a better showing.

Anyways, off I go to get ready for another shift at work. Is it Friday yet?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes
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I know how much you are looking forward to getting some time off of work. I still think you deserve a medal for putting up with all those cranky customers. It sucks that you didn't win anything at the guild but I'm happy some of your other friends did. I hope you can get some writing done on your day off but I will understand if you decide to do absolutly nothing.

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