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Christmas Shopping Done
Inu and Kagome Christmas

Well, I had my two days off, and I must say that I most certainly needed them. It was nice not to go into work for two whole days, where it wasn't my problem, and that I didn't have to care.

I did manage to get all of my Christmas shopping done, which is good. I also didn't blow the bank, so my next paycheck can go to both bill pay and to building my account up again so it's not so dreadfully low again.

I got some really cool things for the people on my list, too. I just hope that they'll like them.

I have to say that it was hard not to grab a lot of stuff at the stores that I went to in the "big city" (Sioux Falls, if you're curious). I saw all sorts of things I wanted myself, but kept that focus on the Christmas shopping. I just wish I could get there more often!

And I'm back at it tomorrow morning, 5 AM, so I'm almost off to bed. I'm waiting to change the dryer out one last time and then I'm going to sleep. At least I come home at 10 AM so I can get a bit of rest before the big football games!

Oh, and hopefully I can get some writing done tomorrow. Wouldn't that be nice?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Yay for days off and actually getting done what you planned to! Sounded like you had a good time, too. It would be nice if you got some writing done, but enjoy what you can of the day since you enjoy watching football.

Congrats on both the days off and the Christmas shopping being done!! YAY!! You needed those days off for your mind and health!! I'm so happy they never called you in to work! and WHOOT!! to the not breaking the bank!

I got mine done as well, all that is left is the making of the gifts! I'm making everyone anklets and bookmarks(cross stitch). People will love the gifts after all it's the love and thought behind the gift!

Sesshoumaru is mad at me... I figured him out to be a closet Blue-grass Jug player in his very hidden moments...

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