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What the Hell??
So Damn Hot
Hey Reader,

I don't know what to make of this. I woke up to an ordinary Tuesday, facing a long, boring day putting packets together on the second week of my new job. At lunch, I'm told to call the placement services that got me the job, and they tried to offer me another job(they retracted later in the afternoon, saying this job would have to end before I got a different one). THEN I was called by Schwans themselves, offering me a job as a server at their utlra-fancy, I could never afford to eat there in a million years, bistro. They will interview me tomorrow during my second break of the day. I don't know what will come of that, but it should be interesting to say the least. Who knows what might happen. They might have me take the job when this one is finished. It could be a temporary to permanent job, we'll see.

I just don't know what to say. I spent over a month and a half looking for a damn job and didn't get anywhere for all that time, now I have two offers on the same day. It's bizzare! When today had started, I had intended on doing my job and then when I got home getting my picks for Best Oneshot in the IY Fanguild set. I guess I'll still do that, but it's still kind of weird!

It's been a strange day all around. I wonder what Wednesday will be like. I just don't think I could do both jobs at once. I mean, if you think about it, I'd be going from an 8-hour job, all on my feet, to another job(if it's in the evening). I think that'd be asking to kill myself. I guess I'll just have to wait and see after the interview. I suppose ya could wish me some luck!

In other news, I have begun plotting out the next chapter of the story. I'm not sure when I'll start actually writing, but it is about 80-95% plotted out.  My beta liked the ideas I had so far, so hopefully it'll be a lot easier to write this chapter, especially now that I'm sort of settled into my new job(at least for now).

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I'm really happy that things are going well for you. That seems to be the way it is, either feast or famine. I remember when I was laid off from my last job (they cut back 30%). There were so many lay-offs all over at the time that I was really worried. When I finally got a temporary placement that lasted a little while, I must have had 5 calls in the same week. As it is, I'm still in that same job I accepted, but now in a higher position and as a permanent, now vested, employee. I hope everything goes well.

And if you did well in one of those expesive bistros as a waitress, you probably wouldn't need a second job. The good servers I know in the food industry do extremely well on what they collect in tips.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Hey, alright!! Things are looking up for ya! Better to have too many offers than not enough, I say. The Bistro gig sounds like a sweet job for someone like you, who's just starting out. Best of luck for whatever comes your way!

Actually, since I've been through the interview, I don't think they're gonna consider me qualified enough. I only have 5 years of college food service experience and they're looking for a full time server to serve the high-end, fancy smancy executives that come in. Hell, when I went to the door to get IN to the stupid Bistro, the door was LOCKED. I had to KNOCK to get in. It's that fancy. And it was technically during their afternoon lunch hours. I'll hear back in a couple weeks, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. I just don't think I'm cut out with as little experience I actually have. If I had another food service job to back it up, yes, then I'd say I had a chance, but not with what I have. The manager lady was nice, but she had this look on her face that clearly read "Next."

Don't sell youself short. Just because the woman looked indifferent doesn't mean she didn't look that way at everyone else either. Don't feel dejected, just chalk it up as a learning experience. And who knows, you may get a call back for a second chat with "Miss Indifferent", who at that point may have warmed up to you more. Or they may not hire anyone, and then advertise again in six months. I went in to interview for an R&D Engineering position, and the job was put on hold. However, they asked me if I would work in another department until the R&D spot openned again, in a few months. So I signed on as an Applications Engineer. Five years later, the R&D spot finally openned, I re-interviewed and got it. So don't think its all or nothing, black or white, because everything is shades of gray, and good or bad really depends on your point of view. Your journey has just begun, and each day brings you a little closer to your goals. So chin up, and keep reaching for that dream. THUMP! OOWW! Didn't realize I was on my soapbox. And don't forget to keep working on the next chapter, too!

Willing to support you even when falling off my own soapbox,


I almost don't want to get it, actually. My temp job pays me $8 an hour while the fancy smancy Bistro only pays $6.15 an hour and 10% of my tips would go to the bus person. I just don't know if I want to take that job when it might be possible for me to get into a different position in the SAME company that will pay me $9 an hour. I like the customer service element in person, but I just don't think I can take that little money. We shall see, I suppose. I still go the feeling she was giving me the "Next" face.

Sorry, didn't want to seem like I was pushing the Bistro job. Hearing the pay situation it sounds like the "high class" restaurant is running on slave labor. You're right, and probably better off staying where you are until you find something that's actually better. Hope you have a great weekend!

It's alright. And you're right, I'd call it slave labor, too. For Christ sakes, the doors are LOCKED when you try to simply ENTER the place. I think that most restaurants would want to have as many patrons as possible, with the ability to easily access their establishment, but of course they must keep the unwashed and stupid masses from gracing its hallowed dining room. You know, even SESSHOMARU would be disgusted by how this place operates. Rin would never make it in the door, after all. What gets me is, before I went for the interview, I figured, "Okay, this is the BISTRO, they charge $80 sometimes for a single dish. Surely they'll pay at least $8 an hour or more, right?" Then they told me the wage and all I could thing was, "So you want the people who come here who are filthy rich as hell to eat like fucking royalty, but force those who SERVE such snobs to live soley on ramen and mac and cheese? Stuff it up your ass!" It's pathetic. After that, I was fairly certain I didn't want to work there...I got paid more working at the college, at least by the hour standards. I may have had few hours due to scheduling, but at least I made $7 an hour. GOD. And they wonder why NO one in my town, I mean REAL people, hardly EVER go to their stupid restauarant. Pfft. I'm not a high class person, so those types of places make me nervous AND set my teeth on edge. Ah well, I highly doubt I'll hear back.

I agree with everything you said, except one. You may not be a "high class" person, but you have REAL class! As Holden Caufield said in Catcher in the rye, "They're all phonies!". You are a real person who doesn't hide anything. You put all you are into what you write, that's what makes it so good. And that's why Rin calls you "the pretty lady with far away eyes".

You think so? I know I certainly try to put everything into a piece, otherwise it's not worth writing it. And I like Rin's nick name, that's for sure.

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