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Moonlight Musings

I don't know how many of you on my f-list watch the show Moonlight, but I'm gonna talk about it anyways. Tonight's episode was certainly---interesting. I knew Coraline had been tricking Mick all along, but to find out she's some long lost relative of Louis XVI and that he and his family were vampires---well umm, can we all get a reality check? At the same time, I'm willing to go with it for the sheer absurdity and what might happen with some dude from the medieval period going apeshit crazy and having super powers---even for vampires. Like dude, he can so heal from fire. Makes me wonder if Coraline's survival isn't due to the same thing as her brother. Makes you wonder, then, if Coraline was Mick's sire and they're some noble line of vampires if Mick can then do the same thing overtime or whatnot. . .very strange. And can I just say that I felt bad for Beth? I think it was one of the first episodes she wasn't really heavily involved in, and the scenes we did see were very touching. I just have a funny feeling that they had to get Josh out of the way so they could focus on Beth/Mick/Coraline type triangles. And now that we didn't have a preview for next week, I'm worried that we might have run out of eps for the season due to the writer's strike. . sigh.

Anyways, that is my Moonlight Musings.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Hi I just stumbled across your LJ and happen to be a fan of Moonlight myself. It was odd when we found out that Coraline is royalty. That has to be the reason she survived the fire and there's the whole Mick staking her and her being able to get up to stand at the window thing.

I knew they'd get Josh out of the way somehow but I wasn't expecting that. It does suck that we only get the twelve episodes but that's more than other shows out there with only ten. Hopefully the strike will end and we'll get a full season for season two.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like Moonlight at first, but the more I watched, the more I liked and now I want more and I'm sad we're out of episodes. Damn you studios, give the writers what they want already!

I often wondered about Coraline getting up from being staked, too. It seemed odd, since every single other vampire, including Mick, couldn't move or anything but gasp. And yet, she still managed to get up and scream at the window. I also knew when Morgan showed up that she WAS Coraline right away. I just wondered how long she was going to trick Mick. And then when she was "human" how long that was going to last. I figured she'd stop being one at some point and show her true colors.

I do hope that we see more of her brother, because as much of a villainess Coraline seems to be, she's mostly a misguided one. Her brother, now he's real bad news and could shake up the entire vampire community if he so desires. I don't think there's anyone capable of really opposing him, either.

As for Josh, I knew his days were numbered as soon as Beth figured out that Mick was the same guy who saved her when she was little. She kept running off to see him and do things with him, too, that I knew it'd end. I just figured that Josh would break it off, not die. Pretty harsh, but not entirely unexpected, either.

I swear, if I don't look out I'll end up writing fanfiction for this show and I'm already stuck doing too much of it for another fandom.

Since I love vampires I thought I'd check it out and go into it with an open mind after all I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan and the commercial made it seem like it could be a rip off of Angel but not so much. Yeah I hope the strike ends soon because I certainly don't want it to drag on like the last one. They should get what they're asking for after all they are the backbone of Hollywood.

I was even more excited about the show when I found out that Jason was going to be on because I loved him on Veronica and was bummed over that getting the boot and what do you know I end up loving the show and have to say that this would be my favorite show of the season along with Pushing Daisies.

Yeah Coraline and her family just aren't like other vampires. I wouldn't be too surprised if Lola turned up again. Before the brothers turned up I wondered if older vampires would have special powers that regular vampires don't. There's also the question of how Josef was able to get out before the place exploded where all the other vampires died.

True Josh and Beth's days were numbered but I certainly didn't think that would happen. Oh well he still has CSI that he can pop up on.

Actually I'm writing my first Moonlight story. I was looking around and found a community and it had a story idea for a Moonlight story so I thought I'd go for it. Hopefully I'll get it finished soon.

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