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A New Journey Chapter Has Been Posted!



Much as the writer's strike had to end, so too did the drought on this story. I spent the holiday shopping season trapped at work (I work in retail), so I didn't get any time to write for awhile. I felt like I was on strike! Anyways, I hope you'll all enjoy this new update!

Happy Third Anniversary to Journey to the City of Endless Night. Can you believe it? I had NO idea when I started this story that it would be this long. I am utterly amazed to say the least that it's come this far---and we still have so far to go within the story. I should have known better when I started, but sometimes life likes to throw us those surprises every so often! I hope that you'll all continue to enjoy the story and keep reviewing!

Speaking of reviews, I must say thank-you. Thirty, count them, THIRTY reviews for the last chapter. I know some of you may have heard it before, but I didn't expect that last chapter to have this kind of reaction. In fact, I thought just about everyone would hate it---simply because it was Shippo's POV. So thank-you for enjoying it as much as you guys did. It's been a long, long time since I've had over this many reviews for a single chapter.

The Inuyasha Fanguild is currently voting. Journey is up for Best Action, Best Characterization (Sesshomaru), and Best Serial. I'd like to thank

doggieearlover, inuhanyounikkie, inuyashaloverr, landofthekwt, and Lady Griddlebone for the nominations and seconds, and everyone who votes for my story. Good luck to everyone in the polls!

After the polls for this current quarter end, there will be the Best of 2007 Voting at the Fanguild. Shake the Disease took first place during the year in the Best Songfic category, so will be eligible for Best of Voting. It's an honor to be included on the ballot!

Shows you how much I pay attention. Eternal Destiny, a site for the Inuyasha/Kagome pairing is having their Destined Awards currently. I just found out by looking at the ballots that Journey is up for Best Love Story, Best Characterization for Inuyasha, and Best Melodrama (read as drama in other groups). The voting is currently underway and will run through February 19th. I would like to thank whomever nominated the story for these categories, and those of you who vote for it! Good luck to everyone on the ballot

At MediaMiner, Journey has become a featured story. I'd like to thank whomever selected it to be featured. It was quite the surprise to find in my email box, and I'm still shocked. Who knew my crossover would earn the title of “featured?” I'm still not quite sure what to make of it, besides that it's good and hopefully will get more readers. I've never really considered myself one of the big authors, so it's an honor to have it happen. Anyways, thank-you.

Journey has reached another milestone with this double feature. We have gone past 1000 pages, 1006 to be exact. Totally amazing, if you ask me!

The Media Miner Third Annual Maxim Challenge is currently underway. I have decided to enter Shake the Disease into this years contest, but will not enter Journey. I have yet to put final edits on Shake the Disease. I am hoping that it will do well in the contest this year. I wish everyone in the contest the best of luck!

And finally, here's the individual responses:


knittingknots: I'm glad you liked the little moment between Inuyasha and Kagome. Shippo's going to have to get used to it, whether he likes them showing affection for each other or not. I figured since they're now his parents, he should see them behaving as parents---both towards him and each other. They're his parents and they love him and will spend time with him and the like, but they're also mates and they shouldn't have to hide that from their son. Seeing a few kisses here and there won't kill the boy anyways. I did approach Shippo as the spoiled boy who just doesn't know better and has figured out how to get his way and attention---the wrong way. He knows if he throws a fit or can get Kagome miffed with Inuyasha he'll get what he wants, and up until now, that worked. Now, his parents have united as one and will not tolerate those silly games and now Shippo's bewildered what to do about it. He also feels guilty because he knows that just because Kagome and Inuyasha are mates, it doesn't really change the fact that Kagome loves him, too. He's just having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he can't just cuddle with Kagome any ol' time he pleases or monopolize her time. I picked Sesshomaru to be his teacher for a reason. He's neutral, for the most part, when it comes to Shippo. He doesn't have the high emotional connections that Kagome and Inuyasha share with the boy. Kagome sees him as an unfortunate boy that she wants to do anything for because she feels his life has been too hard---which in some ways it has. Inuyasha, on the other hand, knows just what lies in front of Shippo if he were to be left on his own and won't let him suffer the same fate he did as a child. I think it's another reason he lets the boy get away with getting him in trouble with Kagome so often. Sesshomaru thinks all of that is nonsense and knows that if Shippo should make it in the real world he better have a reality check and fast. Sure, the fact that he's a full demon is beneficial, but his stern nature is the counter balance the boy's needed for a long time now. And besides, Shippo's not going to just be under Sesshomaru's tutelage, our Demon Lord has sent him to the best teacher: Polgara. That boy will be scrubbing pots when he's as tall as Inuyasha if she has anything to say about it. You'll see, the boy will get his act together.

Ethereal Siren: The sorceresses haven't adopted Japanese in their own speaking, but they have grown accustomed to the quirks of our little Inu group. Rin's been using them all along, and they've pretty much figured out that it is a sign of respect in the Inu gang's culture. Poledra did ask about it once, and was easily satisfied with the fact that it is a custom. As I'm sure you've noticed by now, telling her that it's a custom is pretty much the easy answer to avoid lengthy explanations. There's also the fact that behind the scenes, there's the likelihood someone unseen has told our sorcerer brethren about the Inu cast and what to expect from them. It's not malevolent by any means, it's just that Belgarath and company have a lot of resources with which to work with. Now, did the adults plan this out? I'd say they certainly planned the sleeping arrangements for those few days, but I can't say that they planned out the fact that Sesshomaru would take the boy on as a student. I think that happened on the spur, or Sesshomaru planned it without telling anyone so it'd have be up to Shippo and Inuyasha without him interfering or them forcing it upon the boy. Shippo had to accept it on his own or it wouldn't have worked. He would have resisted and refused to learn anything if he had been given the ultimatum that he become Sesshomaru's student. We do know that Sesshomaru thought the boy could use some instruction, though.

Jester08: Glad you liked it. I think Sesshomaru will have a lot more fun than Shippo!

Lady Cash: Glad you liked the chapter. I had fun writing it. And yes, the fluff moments between both Inuyasha/Kagome and Sess/Rin were certainly nice moments to go along with Shippo's schooling.

Inuyashaloverr: Glad you liked the chapter. I must say, I don't think you could have really gotten through to Shippo any other way than making him apologize. I don't think Shippo's really ready yet to see what Rin can do. He might have said that he thinks it's cool, but I think it also scares him, too. We'll see!

Redroseblacksatin: Glad you like the story and I hope to hear from you more often! And don't worry, I won't be abandoning the story any time soon!

Doggieearlover: Yeah, I figured it was about time Shippo actually do something other than whine or find a way to get in trouble where someone else gets blamed, usually Inuyasha. You're right. Shippo should be far more afraid of Polgara than Sesshomaru. She's had thousands of years of experience in the raising of little boys, so she knows a thing or two about how to correct bad behavior, as you noticed. Garion does indeed respect her, possibly more than anyone. She raised him and is the only mother he's ever known. No matter how far he's gone, or how far away from Faldor's farm where he grew up, he still remembers spending time with his Aunt Pol in the kitchen doing chores and the like. Polgara takes even less nonsense from little boys than Sesshomaru does. She's finally gotten the scullery boy she's been looking for since both Garion and Eriond grew up. Garion will be grateful to Shippo because now he won't have to worry about doing the camp dishes. Shippo won't know what free time is by the time she's done with him. And yes, Shippo did slide easily back into the old habits, but that's cause bad habits are hard to break. It's easy to blame Inuyasha and whine about being left out. I think that he knows a bit about what adults do---at least some what---but he doesn't totally get it and it makes him mad that Inuyasha can share something with Kagome that he can't. It's quasi Oedipus in nature, but that's only because Shippo latched onto Kagome right away when they found him and hasn't let go. She's more of a security blanket in his mind than a mother---at least in the way he behaves. He has to realize what it really means to call her mother. Oh, I think Inuyasha has plans indeed. He had to get rid of the boy somehow, and the first person that came to his mind was Sesshomaru without Miroku and Sango around. I had Sesshomaru offer to teach Shippo immediately after the tirade because I think it unnerves and irritates him to see someone with power untrained. He knows it's dangerous and he doesn't want the mess that can be on his hands. That, and I think he's tired of the boy being excess baggage. He doesn't put in but he sure takes a lot out. Rin contributes, always has, so she has earned her privileges with Sesshomaru. And yes, Shippo better keep his roving eye under control. Rin is not some random cute girl he can try to charm. It's fairly obvious that Sesshomaru has intentions—even if they're unconscious ones---for the girl. If Shippo wants to remain in one piece, he'll behave around her. As for being jealous of her gifts, give him time. He may have the best teachers in the world for discipline, but those habits are still going to be difficult to break.

Deakasha: I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and I hope you continue to do so!

Angelcleo: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I do hope you'll review more often!

Foxglove: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I thought it would be rather boring in terms of the story, as it is a look at the boy's day rather than anything hugely significant in terms of the overarching epic, but it seems to have gone well for readers. I thought it would be interesting to see Shippo interact with quite a few cast members he really hasn't yet, too. Polgara is a natural choice for him to interact with because of her history. She certainly won't take anything from Shippo, and if he thinks he can pull tricks on her and get away with it he'll be sorely mistaken. Polgara has had every trick and then some pulled on her at one time or another with all the Rivan King boys she's raised through the years that she'll see right through them. I debated with myself on having Sesshomaru teach Shippo, but the more I thought about it, the more it just seemed to fit. I knew I had to get Shippo past his fear of the Demon Lord someway. Sesshomaru wouldn't really waste his energy on beating the boy, but Shippo was convinced he would and I had to get him to grow past that. Having Sesshomaru be his teacher was the best solution. He'll be afraid still, but over time he'll get past it and his fear will grow into a true and deep respect that will only benefit him as he grows from spoiled brat into dignified fox demon. I had Shippo struggle for a good while with Inuyasha and Kagome being mates because it is such a huge change and I think he'd be resistant for more than a day or two. It's not normal for him to just shrug his shoulders and move on like this is how it should have been all along. I do think that he'll eventually realize more than he does now that things are the way they are for the happiness of his parents and that in turn will make him happy. He just has to adjust more and I think in time he'll realize how ridiculous he had been acting. I think that Inuyasha has a lot more paternal instincts than he's ever given credit for. He may fight with the kid and get frustrated and the like, but I think he's cared for the kid in his own way. Not having an example to draw from from not knowing his own father, I think Inuyasha has had to make it up as he goes and while he's made mistakes, he made them out of love. I do think we'll see him trying to correct himself as much as Shippo has to. He has a lot of bad habits that he has to relearn, too, and overtime I think he'll be a better father for it. I also think that he was very deeply hurt by Shippo's angry outburst, and that will not simply go away in future chapters. I'm glad you noticed that touch is so important to dog demons. I've had a few people disagree with how I'm handling Sesshomaru as a character, because he seems to not do any real touching of any given character except under extreme duress (Rin's first revival, Rin's second death and second revival for example), but I think it fits because he IS under extreme duress for the most part. Rin is changing in more ways than simply growing up before his eyes and he's struggling. His comfort is to touch her and know she's still there. It's his way of reassuring, reasserting that Rin is still Rin, and in many ways, you're right. He's repressed. Most people say that his character lacks emotions other than anger, but it's clear that he loves the little girl and I think his physical expression is coming through because he's no longer repressing it. I do think as things continue on, we'll see more of that pack structure form, too. Kagome and Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Rin, and now Shippo, have all become a pack, and I think Inuyasha and Kagome's connection Miroku and Sango will bring them into it. It might take some time for Sess to get into thinking of them as pack, but he eventually will. I hope you'll continue to read and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Nikki coley: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I have no intentions of leaving this story unfinished, but we do have an awful long ways to go in it! As for the man who taught Rin how to make fire, you'll just have to wait and see what he's really up to. Hope you'll keep reading!

La623: I'm glad you like my characterizations of both series. I work really hard to keep the integrity of both, so it's always good to hear I'm not far off. I hope you'll continue to read, and I'm glad you feel the story is much like reading one of the books. It was kinda what I was hoping it'd be like!


freelke: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

Patty530: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. As for your question, good heavens no. I don't see me writing a “Dallas” ending in any sense of the word. Those kind of endings tick me off to no end, so don't expect such a thing here.

Kate: Ah yes, blame the boss for the latest lengthy gap between chapters. I had hoped to get another chapter up much, much sooner, but did not have as much luxury to write as I would have liked. I'm glad you liked how I handled Shippo. I felt it was about time the boy do something other than whine and get away with it.

TakaRaiIshikawa: I'm glad you liked how Shippo evolved in this chapter. I thought it was necessary for him to do so, and I see so much potential for him to do so in the series that I had to see where it would go. I hope you continue to read!

Adeaneri: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. It was about time for Shippo, wasn't it?

New Fan: I'm glad you liked the chapter. No, unfortunately working a lot had more to do with both delays. I'm sorry it took so long!

Shatter the sky comes quietly: I had been at FF, but I am no longer due to their policies against NC-17 fiction. I'm hoping you'll continue to read over here, however! As for Zedar, I have my plans. I think as much as he had regrets before Belgarath sealed him in that rock, I think he's far angrier now and he's not going down without a fight. It's too bad that I think he's being used all over again, but you'll see when the time comes. I'm glad you liked the chapter.

Walter205: I'm glad you enjoyed reading the story. By no means should you feel shy about giving me a critique. I like to hear what people think and find ways to improve, so feel free. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story!

Shaid: But of course. Can't just rush into more action, now can we? Don't worry, we'll get to Sango and Velvet in time. It's funny you mention that it's hard for you to envision Shippo because of the fact that you teach children roughly his age. I think this is why Kagome's had such a hard time discipling him. His hard life has made her feel sympathetic to him and in return she's gone the opposite direction in caring for him. She let him get away with a lot of things that he shouldn't and he took advantage of those weaknesses in her. I think he's kinda straddling the thought processes of a child and an adult. On one hand, he's very simple in his thoughts and desires---all he wants is a family and to be loved---but on the other hand he's had such hard times at such a young age that it has to influence him some how. I think that's why we've seen him express such rage towards Inuyasha. It's now a matter of fixing the mess, and it's not just Shippo who has to change their behavior. Inuyasha and Kagome both need to adjust their thinking and reactions to Shippo's behaviors. I'm glad I could give you a bit more understanding.

Deazana: I'm glad you're enjoying the story and hope to see you review more often!

Shadowfox: I don't intend to leave this story unfinished, so don't worry!

Letter Atlantic: Glad you're enjoying the story. I hope to hear more from you!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

Links: AFF, Media Miner, Anime Spiral, Eternal Destiny (links to Seventy Two, only)

PS: Not sure why the format went funky. Damn you LJ Gods

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Wow...Featured story...two great chapters(too late to review tonight, but wow).

And thank you! I never had a chapter dedicated to me before! big grin!

I thought I'd give it a whirl, dedicate the chapters to individual reviewers and go from there.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapters and thanks for the reviews!

Congratulations on having a really great
chapter dedicated to you

Wow! What a great two chapters! And I don't know what I did to get one dedicated to me, but I really appreciate it. And I think it was one of my very favorite chapters so far (and that's saying something). It was really a nice surprise to wake up and find the notice in my inbox (and a nice surprie it worked). Anyway, I really enjoyed both of them, but especially the later one during the new moon.

And good luck in all of the voting!

I hope things are going better for you at work. Did you ask about the supervisor's position to see what it would entail? In any case, I hope it's not as crazy now that Christmas is past, and won't come again for ten months.

That second chapter was really, really outstanding....

It really was. Of course now I can't wait for the next one!

I'm glad you really enjoyed the chapters. I thought I'd try something new, dedicate the chapters to a reviewer. It was kind of a whim, but I thought it might be worth it.

I haven't had a chance to talk to the boss again just yet, but I think it's cause we're busy trying this that and the other on the truck unload process that it might just not be figured out yet on exactly WHAT I'd be doing, you know? I think we'll see what happens.

Sigh. I don't want to work today. I hate working on the floor. Time draaaaaaaaaaaaags on and on and on.

O.O I didn't eve realize this story was so long... I really need to get reading, after I finish the other million stories I need to catch up on. Oi I don't know if I'll get to it in this century.

I really enjoyed reading these chapters.
The tale of the Death of the Dark God
was enthralling. It makes me want to go read David Edding. I loved the previous chapter where Shippo got his. I always liked it when Inuyasha held Shippo by his tail. Inuyasha had more patience than I would have. That was a great insight that there is difference between that youkai feel when they are mating and what humans feel when they are making love.
In the last chapter Kagome deserves an award for best performance by a kick-ass miko in a starring role
while Inuyasha deserves an award for best characterization of a human sacrifice.
Cannot wait for your next chapter. I was surprised when I saw
them on Eternal Destiny, but I simply
could not stop reading them.

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